Ari Argent
High School - Spanish
20 Years of Service

Patricia Baessler
Saxton - Science and Humanities/Sixth Grade
23 Years of Service
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Message - One of the high points of my career was in the late 1980's when I read my students the book The Griffen Legacy by Jan Klaveness O'Donnell. We were self-contained at that time at Saxton. As we did with all books we read, the class wrote a letter to the author to tell her how much we liked the book and we invited her to our classroom, if she was ever on Long Island. (We always invited out authors to visit our class.) Several weeks later Jan called my home and she invited my class to tour St. George's Episcopal Church in Hempstead, where a majority of the story was set. As it turned out, Jan lived nearby.

I told Ace Watkins, our principal, who informed our English Director, Veronica McDermott. Somehow the Patchogue Library became involved and we were slated to be on the cable television show with out visit. A librarian from the Children's Room accompanied us to record our day for television. As it turned out, we were not given our "15 minutes of fame," but the day was truly memorable.

We toured the church and looked at all the places mentioned in the book. We went up into the belfry and looked out the same window as the characters. Finally , we toured the church yard and looked at the graves talked about in the book. We had a picnic among the graves and for dessert, Jan served us cookies she had baked and punch she made. Each student had a copy of the book and she took the time to talk to each child and write a message to each in their books.

That was the year my daughter, Erica, was in sixth grade. They've told me on numerous occasions that our trip was one of the highlights of all their school years. They've said that the trip we took and the letters we got from tall the authors inspired them to read for pleasure and just "for the fun of it."

This whole experience was definitely one of the high points in my teaching career at Patchogue-Medford.

Louisa Budiarjo
River - 1st Grade
31 Years 7 months of Service
Message - Teaching 1st grade has truly been a rewarding experience.

Janet Camerieri
Tremont - 2nd Grade
33 years of Service

Bryan Davis
Saxton Health - 7th Grade
31 years of Service
Message - I have enjoyed working for 30 years and with all the wonderful people at Patchogue-Medford.

Carmela Fuoco
High School - Reading
32 years of Service
Message - I have had many wonderful experiences during my 32 year career at Patchogue-Medford. The most memorable, however, are those that have highlighted my career with student successes. A most recent experience tells it all. A former student recently passed me a smiling in the hallway while he was on his way to class. As I greeted him, he held up his cap and gown and said, "Thanks to you, Mrs. Fuoco!". What could be more memorable than that? :)

James Gordon
High School - Art
33 Years of Service
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Message - Teaching and working with my students and friends was always the high point of my career.

Robert Governale
Barton - Music
33 Years of Service
Message - Performing many concerts and events throughout Patchogue-Medford and the country. The one performance I especially remember was the Winter Olypics at Lake Placid, New York.

Nancy J. Graniello
Canaan - 1st Grade
34 Years of Service

Tom Grimm
High School - Physical Education

Charles Hambsch
Saxton - Industrial Arts

John Honey
High School - Science 10-12
32 Years of Service

Gloria Jones
Barton - Elementary Special Education
24 Years of Service
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Message - My most memorable teaching experience has been being there at the very beginning of our pre-kindergarten program. I was chosen as the lead teacher and we began in January 1989. It was very exciting, challenging and most of all rewarding. Since I am at Barton I still have the fun of seeing these youngest students arrive daily. They haven't changed...their enthusiasm is contagious!!

Susan Kogler
Bay - 2nd Grade
29.5 Years of Service
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Message - One special highlight of my teaching career is having former students request to be observers in my classroom. It is so exciting to see some of my little first and second graders as colleagues at Patchogue-Medford.

Tom Maxwell
High School - Social Studies

Linda Okun
Eagle, Medford, Barton..all grades K-5. Last 6 were 5th grade at Eagle.
32.2 Years of Service
Email -
Message - Thanks to my many friends and colleagues at Patchogue-Medford who have made these 32+ years to enjoyable and such a large part of who I am.

Thanks also to the many students who have come back to tell me that I've made a difference. You've inspire me!

My first order of business is to live and be well. Since I embrace change, I'm looking forward to investigating what the rest of the world has been doing while I've been working. I wish you all could come with me!

Frank Oliva
High School - Attendance 6-12
34 Years of Service
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Karel Ann Orlowski
Eagle - Music
Started at PM in 1971!

Joyce Sabatino
Saxton - Reading
30 Years of Service
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Carolyn Sackstein
English grades 6-12
32 Years of Service
Message - I cannot possibly choose only one event. I have met and enjoyed working with many wonderful students and colleagues. My career has been rich in classroom and extra curricular activities.

Linda Schaefer
Bay - 3rd Grade
28 Years of Service
Message - For the past eight years after teaching "Animal Life Cycles" in science I have been able to acquire some "about to hatch" duck eggs from a friend of mine who owns a duck farm in Eastport. I have enjoyed watching the children's faces as they abserve in amazement the birth of the ducklings.

In addition, the entire school joins in the "adoption" of these newborns. It has been quite fulfilling!

Maria Serafini
Eagle/Barton - Spanish and ESL
31 Years of Service
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Brian Sullivan
Saxton - Social Studies
32 2/3 Years of Service
Message - One of my most memorable experiences was The Age Of Homespun Festival on colonial occupations. It was complete with live farm animals, music an children in costumes. (1974-75)

Jolie Trueman
Oregon - English/Library
32 Years of Service
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Frances Zinna
Tremont - Grade 3
33 Years of Service
Email -
My most memorable experience was being included in the very first edition of Who's Who In Americas Teachers. This was a great honor to me as the young lady who nominated me was in my second grade class many years before.

Roger Zureck
South Ocean - Technology and Industrial Arts
28 Years of Service
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