John Ansbro
High School - Guidance
35 Years of Service
Email -
Message - I most enjoyed doing inner city volunteer work with students working on homes for needy, elderly, residents.

Linda Bonerba

Gail Braverman
High School - English

Joseph Cammarano
Saxton - English 7 - 12
27 Years of Service in Patchogue - 11 Years of Service in NYC
Message - My most memorable moment at Patchogue-Medford was as editor of the Red and Black when the writers won second and third prizes from Newsday in news, sports, and writing.

Bonnie Clavin
Eagle - Grade 1
33 Years of Service
Email -
Message - There are too many memorable moments to mention. I'd like to thank everyone for them.

Jane Conetta
PMCT President
36 Years of Service

Patricia Cooke
Tremont - Grade 5
37 Years of Service
Email -
Message - One of the greatest memories of the past 37 years (and there have been many) occurred when Patchogue-Medford gave me to opportunity to participate in the New York State Fellowship Exchange Teacher Program for the entire 1984 year. With guitar in hand, I taught 35 fourth graders for 25 more school days with NO prep time, in the largest inland town in New South Wales, called Wagga Wagga. Wagga reminded me of Patchogue in its golden days, but right out of town were rolling hills perfect for sheep and drop-dead gorgeous drovers on horseback wearing Aussie hats! (definitely not like Patchogue) With few supplies, fewer textbooks, and brown snakes and black widow spiders meandering around the school grounds, the creative, inspirational teachers made Flowerdale a place of joy and laughter for the students and faculty! The friendships made continue to this day, and so do the memories! Thank you, Patchogue-Medford.

Ilda Derosario
Medford - Grade 1
41 Years 8 months of Service

Laura Dietrich
Oregon -Math 9
33 Years of Service

Kathleen Emmerich
Eagle - Grade 3
20 Years of Service
Email -

Joseph Esposito
High School - Math
34 Years of Service
Email -
Message - When I was selected as one of 200 Fulbright Exchange Teachers from the US to go to England during the '82-'83 school year where we exchanged jobs, homes, cars, and lifestyles was definitely my most memorable moment. It was a unique experience where my family and I got to experience a different culture as well as a different educational system. It gave me great perspective on my teaching upon my return.

Barbara Evans

Patricia Flanagan
South Ocean - English
30 Years of Service
Favorite Memory - My favorite memory as a teacher was one year on the last day of school when my students stood on their desks to "salute" me - like in the movie Dead Poets Society (a favorite of mine)

William Fosdick
Canaan - Grade 5
34 Years of Service

Dale Gallis
Eagle - Art 1-5, 6-9
32 Years of Service
Favorite Memory - After teaching ancient Egyptian art lessons to all grades I had an ancient Egyptian thematic ARTS FESTIVAL, I wrote an article about this for School Arts Magazine which included photos of art and children in costumes. The article was published in School Arts with the photos and one student's picture was printed for the cover.

Kathleen Graviano
Barton - Grade 4
34 Years of Service
Email -
Message - One day a former student returned as a lawyer to visit. He said, "I don't remember the subject matter you taught me, but I do remember how you treated all your kids. It was with fairness and integrity." As far as I'm concerned, I couldn't have taught him anything more important than that.

Anne Chester Hertling
High School - English/Acting

Judith Hubbard
Medford - Grades 1 and 2
32 Years of Service
Email -

Brigid Kinney
Eagle - Grade 4
31 Years of Service
Message - I love when my students come back to visit year one of my 2nd grade boys from 1972 came back - he was 38 years old and just wanted to let me know how his life was going...This year a high school senior recognized me at the PMCT "tea" as a teacher who has influenced her life!

Ira Kocivar
Tremont/Bay/Eagle - orchestra

Carol LaBarbera
Medford - Grade 3
31 Years of Service

Dorothy Labowski
Medford - Grades K,1,2, and 3
25 Years of Service, 19 in Patchogue-Medford
Email -
Message - The last two years I have enjoyed the experience of teaching third grade inclusion with Sue Rothe. Sharing ideas doubles the pleasure of teaching. Everyone should try it!

Linda Landman
High School - English
31 Years of Service
Email -

Barbara Lieberman
South Ocean - French
17 Years of Service
Message - Fond memories of dinners chez Lieberman with AP students and teacher contributing fine French fare is among my favorite events as a teacher.

Linda MacRae

John Maggiacomo
High School

Frank Nostramo
High School - Social Studies
32 Years of Service
Message - Though there have been many personal experiences during my tenure, I'm always gratified by the success of my students and the contribution they feel I have made in achieving that success.

Albert Pellegrini
South Ocean - Science

Charles Pidgeon

Maureen Ruperto-Kashkin

Eleanor Ryder
Medford - Grade 4
38 Years of Service
Email -
Message - The high points of a teacher's career are hearing from former students and having them recall happy memories of 4th grade.

Michael Steinhoff
South Ocean - Science

Barbara Tabb
Medford - reading recovery/remedial reading Grade 1
20 Years of Service
Email -
Message - One of the highlights of my career is seeing the face of a previous non-reader light up as he or she says ,"I can read now!"

Mary Ann Trombetta
High School - ESL
27 Years of Service
Email -
Message - For me the greatest thrills were seeing my students succeed: watching students grow from speaking their first English sentence to graduation and beyond. Knowing through cards and letters that they continue to succeed and want to share it with me brings me the greatest satisfaction.

Michael Washington
Medford - Physical Education


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