Joseph Albertelli
Oregon - Earth Science
29 Years of Service
Email -

Gerard Alfani
Saxton - Social Studies 7 and 8
31 Years of Service
Email -
Message - I wish to thank the PMCT and all its officers for all their work during the last 31 years. Joe Black, an African-American pitcher with the Old Brooklyn Dodgers said, "When he looked at his big pretty home he thanked Jackie Robinson." When I look at my home, I thank PMCT.

Ingeborg Anselm
Bay - ESL

Josephine Bjertnes
Bay - Grade 1
33 years of service
Message - At the age of eight I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to live my dream for thirty - three years at Bay Avenue Elementary School. I now look forward to having more time for family, reflection and new adventures.

Alice Blumberg

Richard Bonati
High School

Frank Bruno
Saxton - South Ocean - High School - Math
33 Years of Service
Message - To quote a buddy who retired a few years ago - "When I first started teaching I couldn't believe how much they were going to pay me to stand in front of a bunch of kids. Now 33 years later I can't believe how much they are going to pay me NOT to stand in front of a bunch of kids!" - Thanks Fitz.
Enjoy your careers.

Stephen Caramore

Al Chaskin
South Ocean - Science
33 years
Message - I plan to teach tennis at World Gym in Setauket. THANKS:)!

Nancy Cooke
Tremont - Library

Nick Cordone
High School - Art
34 Years of Service
Message - When I started teaching here, 34 years ago, Saxton Street was the High School, while Buffalo Avenue was under construction. Now, as I am leaving the HS is STILL under construction... Some things never change, but I will surely miss this place and it's inhabitants.

Angela Dellysse
Eagle - 4th and 5th grade
35.7 YEARS
Message - Teaching children over the years has been a real learning experience. If I could live my life over again, I would be doing exactly the same thing. I will certainly miss teaching! It has been a very important part of who I am.

Jack Eddington - "the Jack of all Trades"
Alternative Education Program Teacher - (P.E., S.S. & Reading) - PMHS
Remedial Reading Teacher (10th graders - PMHS)
Social Studies Teacher (9, 10, 12th grades - PMHS)
Drug Education - 7 elementary schools
ERS Counselor - (ERS - Educational Related Services - Elementary Schools)
Middle School Family Life Educator
Social Worker

29 Years of Service

Mary Ann Engelhardt
South Ocean - 6th grade
30 Years of Service

Anne Fichtner
Canaan - Eagle - Grades 1-4
34 Years of Service

Patty Garner
Oregon - Math
34 Years of Service
Message - I have enjoyed my many years of teaching in Patchogue adn I will always treasure all the wonderful friends I have made.

Helen Glass
Tremont, Barton , Eagle - 3rd, 4th and 5th grades
33 years of service
Message - I'll be starting my 2nd career in July as a representative of the Cline Fay Institue of Love and Logic Training Program. I am very grateful for all of my years here in preparation to help teachers all over the country.

Rona Glickson
Canaan - Reading Specialist
30 Years PM schools - 6 years in NYC schools
Message - Thanks for the memories.

Madeline Goldberg
26 Years of Service
To all of my Patchogue-Medford friends.. I want to keep in contact with you and are hoping to hear updates on your endeavors. Maddy and Hank Goldberg (631)-360-3369
cellphone (516-658-9943
Floria - Valencia Shores - Lake Worth

Lenore Graham
Tremont - 2,3 and Gifted and Talented
33 Years of Service

Chris Greco
HS - Earth Science - Astronomy
32 years of service
Message - It's been a wonderful way to spend a life and earn a living. I can't think of anything I would rather have done. I will miss the kids - but not the paperwork! I am looking forward to what God has planned for me next!

Serena Koss
Eagle - reading
34 Years of Service
I'll be in LA for most of the next few years - the number there is 213-625-0029.

Dennis Lawlor
Canaan, Eagle, Medford, Tremont - 3,4, and Remedial math for the last 2 years
33 years of service
Message - I have enjoyed working with the children, teachers and staff of the PM school district. I will cherish the many fond memoreis of my days in Patchogue.

Art Lievre
High School - Math
34 Year of Service
Message - Stick a fork in me - I think I'm done.

Charles Maler
Barton - Art
33 years of service

Gary McAdoo
Barton - Phys. Ed.

Sara Marie Mita
Tremont - 2nd Grade
22 years of service

Kathyrn Montenare
High School - English

Ken O'Came
High School - Health
34 Years of Service

Henry Pesce
High School - Phys. Ed.

Susan Privler
High School - English

Rich Quinn
High School - English
Years of Service - "Too few of too many...less than "just right."

Martha Rabin
Barton - Canaan - Elementary Band

Gloria Robinson
Eagle - Grades 2 and 3
32 1/2 years of service
11 Rhododendron Drive
Center Moriches, NY 11934
Message - Eagle has been like a second home to me. I have so many wonderful memories of all the children, parents and my colleagues. It's been a pleasure working with everyone. I am looking forward to retirement, especially since I'm going to become a Grandma in October.

Anna Senchyshyn
South Ocean, Bay, River
Message - Teaching has been my life! I loved working with children, parents and tachers all these years. It has been a great privilege and honor. I will continue working with children for the rest of my life!

Susan Stein
Canaan - Grade 2
34 years of service
Website -
I feel like I have been on a glorious journey; feeling extremely lucky to have been a teacher.

Teaching is touching so many lives and helping students learn the lessons of life. But when you teach well you make a difference in all the lives you touch. You share a part of yourself knowing that each child drinks in what you are saying and applies that to their own lives.

Yes, teaching is a process that will continue throughout life. I will miss my students, parents and fellow teachers.

My new journey continues, where will it lead? I do now know, but I am prepared for my new challenge.

Inez Naiman-Wachtel
South Ocean - ELA, Math - 6th Grade
28 years South Ocean
1.5 years Forrestville Upper Grade Center - 7th and 8th grade SS and Math.
1 year - PS 140 Queens
26 Longwood Drive
Huntington Station, NY 11746
Message - Thanks for the memories....

Richard Sweeney

Gary Titus
High School - English


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