PMCT - Class of 2002

Susan Berner
Canaan - General Music
33 years of service
Message - Thanks Pat-Med for 33 great years. I wll soon click my red glittery shoes and head off down that yellow brick road to the Emerald City!

Mary Lou Curran

Carol (Heintz) Duffy
Eagle - 1st grade
31 Years of service
Message -
First to retire...then to aspire to do all the things I've wanted to do, but haven't had the time. I am really working forward to LIFE - PART 2.

Allen M. Ebert
Bay - 3rd,4thand 5th grade
27 Years of service... 4 at Barton, 4 at River and 19 at Bay
Message -
Heading to Alaska this summer!!

Tom Fordham
Oregon - grades 3,5,6
33.5 years of service
Message -
Grand Pacific cruise to Australia via Los Angelos, Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa, New Caledonia and Sydney!

Patricia Fox
Tremont - 3rd Grade

Barbara Gill
Tremont - 4th Grade
33 years of service

Ellen Hill
Canaan - 3rd Grade
32 years of service
Message -

Barbara Jacobstein
Barton - Grades 2,3,4 and Kindergarten
32 years of service
Message - I look forward to being free to do as I please, when I please.

Richard Klein
High School - Mathematics

Arlene Maher

Grades 2,3,4,5 at River for 30 years '69-2000
Remedial Math District Wide - 2000-2001
Early Grade Reduction Teacher - Bay - 2001 - 2002
32 Year of Service
Message - It's been a great career that seems to have passed in an instant. I am looking forward to spending winters in our new home in Florida, golfing and traveling. Thanks to all those people who have made my Patchogue-Medford experience such a memorable one.

Linda Marcott

Geraldine Nadramia

Marianne Raynor
Canaan - 2nd Grade
28 years of service

June Russo

Jeanne Stegman
Canaan - 3rd Grade
34 years of service

Nancy Sturm

Paula Washington
Barton - Kindergarten
32 years (but seems like more...especially since I had so much fun!
Good Bye!!! :)

Joanne Zukowski
Canaan - Kindergarten and Canaan Webmaster
34 years of service
I never considered teaching at Canaan a job, but an extension of my daily life, or my hobby. I began my career when Canaan opened in September of 1968. Fresh out of college, I was ready to conquer the world. I took me 34 years to conquer the INTERNET and I have my present principal, Mr. Michael Ventura to thank for that.

My poor children became night owls as I kept them up very late from birth to share "quality time" with them so I was able to continue teaching. They still stay up all night and have "quality time" with whomever they are with now.

I would like to thank my former principals for allowing me the freedom to develop little minds using my unique "Z" techniques. Now it is time to retire my Kazoo and say goodbye to my little Z's at Canaan. finally say hello to my high school sweetheart and husband of almost 33 years. It is time to share what is left of life together.


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