The Patchogue-Medford Congress of Teachers welcomes over thirty-five new teachers, pictured below, to our union and school district. All new teachers attended a three day new teacher orientation during the week of August 24th, 2004. New teachers were greeted by school district administrators and Andy MacAvoy, PMCT Union President and other members of the PMCT executive board. Karen Reilly and Terry Silver, PMCT Membership co-chairpersons organized the event which included various workshops and a final day luncheon. Karen and Terry have also worked tirelessly to pair new teachers with a union buddy. Pictured below you will see many new teachers with their experienced teacher "BUDDIES". The buddy system is used to help new teachers learn all the in's and out's of each school.

On the last day of the orientation all the new teachers and their union buddies had a luncheon at the Bellport Country Club. Superintendent, Veronica McDermott, and Many of the school district administrators were also at the luncheon. This was a great time to relax before all the hard work that will go on at the start of the school year.

The Union and the School District are dedicated to assisting the new staff in all aspects of their very important jobs. PMCT sponsors monthly NYSUT seminars and meetings with new teachers to help them through their first year. Many of the teachers who are newly NYS certified as of February, 2004 will also be part of the state mandated mentor program, a collaborative effort between the PMCT and the school district. Experienced mentor teachers attended full day professional development on August 31, 2004 in order to learn how to most effectively mentor the new teachers in in all aspects of teaching. The new state mandate requires the district to provide and document this formal ongoing mentoring of newly certified, first year teachers. PMCT is proud to be part of planning all aspects of the mentor program.

Kristin Bihary
Tremont Elementary - First Grade
St. Joseph's College
Interests - Basketball

Christine G. Bruno
Barton - Fourth Grade - Special Education
B.S. Dowling College
Interests - Crafts, Reading

Brian Buccinna
High School - 9-10 Social Studies
M.A. Stony Brook, B.A. SUNY NEw Paltz
Interests - Travel, Reading

Kimberly Burton
South Ocean - Physical Education
M.A. Adelphi, B.A. SUNY New Paltz
Interests - Reading, Tennis, Broadway Plays, Yoga

Alisa Cannizzaro
High School - English
M.A. Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus

Shaun Carlson
High School - 9-10 Social Studies
B.S. SUNY Albany
Interests - Coaching, History, Sports

Lisa Cervera
South Ocean Middle School - River Elementary - ESL
SUNY Stony Brook
Interests - Reading, Playing the flute

Carol Cioffi
High School - ESL
M.A. SUNY Stony Brook, B.A. Emory University
Interests - Tennis, Reading

Brendan Crane
High School - Mathematics
B.A. Mathematics - Dowling College
Interests - Swimming, Basketball, Surfing

Jennifer Dailey
South Ocean - Mathematics
B.S. Industrial Engineering - University of Buffalo
M.S. Engineering Management - C.W. Post
Secondary Mathematics Certification - Dowling College

Adriana Devers
High School - Spanish
SUNY Stony Brook
Interests - Music, Poetry Reading, Writing

Lisa Falvo
South Ocean Middle School and High School English
M.A. SUNY Stony Brook
Interests - Exercising, watching movies

Brian W. Foster
High School - Saxton Middle School - Earth Science
B.S. SUNY Oneonta
Interests - Reading, Running, Baseball

Jeanine Graviano
Medford Elementary - First Grade
B.A. Child Study/Special Education - St. Joseph's College
Interests - Dance, Scrapbooking

Brian J. Heinssen
Oregon Middle School Mathematics
B.A. Mathematics St. Joseph's College
Interests - Sports, Reading, Exercising

Jennifer Heller
High School - English
B.A. Dowling College

Cristel Henken
Medford Elementary - Fifth Grade
B.A. St. Joseph's College

Dorothy Howard
District Wide Elementary Art - K-5
B.A. St. Joseph's College
Interests - Artist, Writer, Athletics

June Jaeger
High School Mathematics
B.S. SUNY Old Westbury
Interests - Scuba Diving, Karaoke

Kerrie Keaney
Barton Elementary - Reading Recovery
M.A. College of New Rochelle
Interests - Tennis, Family

Colleen Kearns
High School - Biology
B.S. St. Joseph's College
Interests - Playing the flute, Reading

Kimberly Livreri
Barton Elementary - Second Grade
B.S. Elementary Education - C.W. Post University
Interests - Playing Sports

Laura Medina
South Ocean Middle School - Spanish
B.A. SUNY Stony Brook
Interests - Reading, Music

Jennifer Mirabelli
Bay and Eagle Elementary Schools - Reading
M.S. Dowling College
Interests - Family, Reading, Scrapbooking

Jennifer Montalto
South Ocean - 6th Grade Home and Careers and Technology
B.S. St. John's University - M.S. Dowling College
Interests - Sports, Travel, Writing

Laura Munsch
River Elementary School - Physical Education and Health
B.A. Stony Brook University - M.S. Hofstra
Interests - Weightlifting, Rollerblading, Dance

Lacey Musso
Saxton and Oregon Mathematics
B.S. Oneonta
Interests - Coaching Volleyball

Rachel Ohlsen
Barton Elementary - Kindergarten
B.A. St. Joseph's College
Interests - Writing, Various Arts and Crafts, Camping

Dawn Paciullo
Tremont Elementary - Fourth Grade
B.A. Child Study St. Joseph's College
Interests - Jogging, Roller-Blading, Reading

Bernadette Pizzardi
High School Mathematics
M.S. Ed. Dowling College
Interests - Volleyball and Gardening

Linda Purrazzella
Oregon Middle School/High School Art
Syracuse University and LIU Southampton Campus
Interests - Reading, Design

Lisa Romano
Saxton Middle School - Spanish
B.S. St. Joseph's College

Molly Scaldaterri
High School English
B.A. Penn State - M.W. Hofstra

Christopher W. Shaw
Barton Elementary
M.A. Dowlng College
Interests - Golf, Tennis

Jeffrey P. Spence
High School Biology
B.A. St. Joseph's College
Interests - Fast cars, Wrestling, Scuba Diving

Nicole Stella
High School Science
B.A. Dowling College
Interests - Sports, Movies, Books

Timothy Trava
High School and South Ocean Social Studies
B.A. St. Joseph's College
Interests - Sports, Reading

Elaine Wagoner
High School Mathematics
Hanover College, Indiana
Interests - Horse Backriding

Krystal Zaglool
River and Barton Art
B.S. SUNY New Paltz
Interests - Ceramics, Painting, Dancing

Shannon Zarb
High School English
B.A. Hofstra University

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