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Mrs. Z.
Joanne Zukowski
Kindergarten Teacher - Canaan Elementary School

She is the lady with the kaZoo around her neck and the caddy license ZZ-ZZ-ZZ. This year, she will retire to spend more time with her family: her husband David, children Zane, Zena and Zenae and with her family pets, Ziggy and Zukie, the Yorkshire Terriers, and Zeekie (the cat). They are known as the Z Family.

Joanne Zukowski is completing her 34th year at Canaan Elementary School, where she has been the force behind the music program, working on the Thanksgiving play, the Holiday Show, and the end of the year finale with all the kindergartners. is her website. For the past four years, her site has listed class activities. Joanne was a frontrunner in web use, recognizing it as a strong communication tool for parents and students. She credits Mike Ventura, her principal for five years, with inspiring her use of computers and facilitating what she has done. She invites people to view

Joanne loves working with five year olds; she “can’t wait to go to work to hear what they are going to say and see what they are going to do.” Joanne explains that she “never considered teaching at Canaan a job. It is part of me.” During her years at Canaan, she has watched children grow and has witnessed the trees grow higher and thicker. She has run technology fundraisers and has served as a mentor to other teachers in their exploration of technology integration.

The Kazoo is Joanne’s trademark. It is her attention getter, her announcer. By the end of each year, all her students have kazoos, called “little z’s.” Parents have fondly called her “the legend.” To all her students, past and present, she is Mrs. Z.

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