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NYSUT News Release
ALBANY, N.Y. October 28, 2014

NYSUT: Public schools not a monopoly but a centerpiece of democracy - New York State United Teachers responded today to comments by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to the Daily News editorial board

NYSUT Endorsements - Election Day
Tuesday November 4th
Please Vote!!!

NYSUT Endorsements for Nov. 4th

PMCT Executive Board T-Shirt Swaps with The Chicago Teachers Union

PMCT and Patchogue Lions Team Up in Back to School Backpack Drive

Back To School Rally

PMCT Political Action Chairperson - Syndee Zegel

Kathy Bucaria with NYSUT State Assembly Candidate Jason Zove

PMCT Welcomes all our New Teachers!

Pictures from New Teacher Mentor/Mentee Luncheon during Orientation - August 27, 2014

Congratulations to Canaan Elementary Teacher - Thomas Whaley - 2014 NYS Elementary Classroom Teachers Association(NYSECTA) - 2nd Grade Classroom Teacher of the Year!! Mr. Whaley also recently published his first book - Leaving Montana in July 2014 - The book has EXCELLENT REVIEWS!!!

August 14, 2014 - Diane Ravitch Blog - Two teachers from Long Island, New York, wrote a letter to Whoopi Goldberg to explain to her that "tenure" means "due process." - One of them PMCT High School Vice President Alicia Connelly-Foster!!

July 28, 2014 NYSUT: Due process rights for teachers also safeguard students - New York State United Teachers President Karen E. Magee released the following statement today in response to a lawsuit challenging due process rights for New York's teachers.

Student Citizen Awards - May 5, 2014

Eighteenth Annual Student Citizen Awards - May 5, 2104

Picket In The Pines

NYSUT - Picket In The Pines Video - "Public Education Is Not For Sale"

Anti Cuomo Rally


Revive, Rebuild, Renew!

Cathleen Cavanagh - 2014 Friend of Education
10 and 20 Year Recognition from NYSUT
for many PMCT Members

On Thursday March 27, 2014 at the Annual Long Island Directors Awards Dinner long time High School nurse, Cathleen Cavanagh, was recognized as a 2014 Friend of Education. PMCT also had many members recognized for 10 and 20 year awards for their union leadership. Twenty year distinguised service awards were given to Beth Warnken and Kathy Bucaria. Ten year service awards were given to Karol Boddy-Wallace, Susan Caramore, June Gagnon, Kathleen Murphy, Jeffery Peterson, Susan Stahl, Michelle Thoden and Syndee Zegel. Congratulations to all our PMCT member and to Cathleen Cavanagh and a big thank you to them for their dedication to students and education in the Patchogue-Medford School District.

Picketing at Senator Flanagan's Office
Friday March 21, 2044

Thank you to all the PMCT members who attended the very important picket at Senator Flanagan's office
On Friday March 21, 2014, at several locations around the state, NYSUT activists brougth home the message that the budget proposals being negotiated in Albany are unacceptable. In Suffolk County we, once again, needed to let Senator Flanagan, Chair of the Senate Education Committee, know that he needs to do better for public education.

As we enter the crucial final two weeks of the state's budget process, the worst possible proposal is the Senate resolution. It includes four completely unacceptable positions that short change public schools, fund and empower charter and private schools at the expense of public schools, and exacerbate the negative effects of the tax cap.

The Senate resolution would:
- Make the tax cap worse! It would require a district to stay below the 1.46 percent tax cap. The Senate would also make permanent the existing tax cap law that would otherwise sunset in 2016.
- Allow back-door vouchers to private schools which would take further funding from public schools.
Provide $161 million less in funding for K-12 school aid than the Assembly.
- Not address any of our testing, APPR and common core issues. The Senate actually adds as much money for tuition tax credits, charter schools, and for non-public schools as they do for K-12 public school aid. - In higher education, the Senate includes the governor's language that could lead to the privatization of SUNY Downstate Medical Center and other public hospitals.

Yes… this is short notice, but that’s the way the state budget process works. If you are angry and you want to do something to make a difference, now is the time, not a week from now, not next month. Please do what you can to come to the Senator’s office this Friday, March 21, between 3:30-5:00pm for picketing. Join with colleagues, parents and other allies in the education community to deliver the message that we are angry and we are not going away.

Common Core, Race to The Top and P-20- What Are These Forces Taking Hold of Public Education?- Feb. 2014

"High-Stakes Teacher Evaluation: High Cost, Big Losses." - A group of expert researchers have published a new collection of articles about teacher evaluation and high-stakes testing and their consequences. This is a great resource for anyone trying to research why the current corporate education reform will not work and will in fact hurt everyone involved.The collection appears online in the Teachers College Record.

An Animated Video on What Motivates Us and gives us DRIVE - Uncovers the hidden truths and defies the common practices of motivation. An awesome and popular video about how to get the best out of people. Autonomy...Mastery...Purpose...Not profit. This is a really great animated version of a speech by Author Daniel Pink.

Maya Angelou and Fellow Authors Against Race to the Top- Nov 2013

Schools in Finland and Student Evaluation- Nov 2013

Blood Drive 2013

PMCT Blood-Drive - Thanks to all who came down to donate!- Nov 2013


Picket at Senator Flanagan's Office
Fri. Nov. 1, 2013

Hundreds of teachers, parents and students picketed against the recent education reforms instituted in New York. Senator Flanagan is the chairman of the Education Committee in NY and needs to be held accountable. Senator Flanagan What's The Holdup?

What's the holdup with action to end excessive high-stakes testing to which our students are subjected?

What's the holdup in ending the amount of influence testing corporations have on the State Education Department and some elected officials?

What't the holdup in standing up for the public education and against big-money groups that oppose our children's public neighborhood schools?





PMCT has joined the group of over 5000 teachers, parents and people who know something is wrong in public education. Talking and complaining to each other has not helped and even screaming "Help!" to those making the decisions has not worked. The main street media has not helped at all and elected officials have not helped enough. We need to do something even more powerful and UNITE!

Green laces are loud and impossible to ignore. They are therefore a perfect symbol of the people protecting kids. Over 2000 people, including close to 40 PMCT members, attended the Students, Not Scores Rally held at Comsewogue High School on Saturday August 17th. Dr. Joe Rella, the Superintendent of the Comsewogue Schools told the crowd he would be wearing his green laces every day as a reminder of the battle we are waging against the high stakes testing in NY and across the country. His rallied the crowd to "STOP IT...FIX IT...OR SCRAP IT "and told them "We Can't Be Invisible Anymore!" You can see some of the video of Dr. Rella's talk to the crowd at this link Dr. Rella at Student, Not Scores Rally. The more of us that wear the green laces as a symbol of our love for educating children and our rejection of the abusive common core implementation and testing..the more likely people with the power to make the change will listen.

All PMCT members will be receiving the laces when we return to school. All members are also encouraged to join the FB group entitled Lace To The Top. The group can also be followed on Twitter @lacetothetop. You can also find more information on how you can be politically active and stay informed at the website As NYSUT president, Dick Iannuzzi, told us at the rally "Stop looking to the corporate world for quick fixes. Start Listening to parents and educatotors. Get it right, instead of getting it done."

Please sign the petition that give your support to Assemblyman Al Graf's approach to fixing education in New York. He has introduced a program bill that will change the education policies in New York State. He believes our children deserve a chance to succeed and it should be done right! His petition can be found at Congressman Graf has been very vocal in his opposition to the shoddy implementation of the Common Core and High Stake Testing in NY and also attended the rally and spoke at the rally on August 17th.

Please encourage all your friends and family with children in public schools to join the group, wear their laces, sign Congressman Graf's petition and help fight for the education of all public school children.

PMCT VP Beth Warnken ready to go with over 500 pairs of green laces!

Picture Credit - Kevin Glynn from Lace to The Top - One of the highlights of the rally was Assemblyman Englebright saying, "Somebody's head should be on the block and it should be John King!" He was right of course, but he neglected to mention King's host of other education reform cronies: Barack Obama, Arne Duncan, Andy Cuomo, John J. Flanagan, Ken LaValle, Chris Christie, Cory Booker, Mike Bloomberg, Merryl Tisch and the list goes on and on....

Thanks to all the PMCT member who attended the rally!!

HS VP Alicia Connelly-Foster with NYSUT President Dick Iannuzzi

A HUGE Crowd!

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