Christine Goerke has been performing in operas all over the world for the last eight years. She is a member of the Patchogue-Medford High School class of 1986. Christine attended Tremont Elementary School and Oregon Avenue Middle School.

Christine told us she feels very lucky to have been surrounded by teachers who really gave a great deal of themselves. She knows that when she got to college she was more prepared than many of the upper classmen in her knowledge of music, history and theory. Her education in the Patchogue-Medford Schools was invaluable to her.

Christine feels every one of her teachers was an inspiration to her. She made special note of the impact her very first and "last" teachers had on her life. Mrs. Claire Siegel at Tremont Elementary was her kindergarten teacher. Christine told us, "When I started school, I was already able to read on a basic level, and there was some controversy as to whether or not I should be put ahead a grade. She was instrumental in making that year a success for me. She also continued looking out for me throughout my schooling. I remember laughing when it came time to apply for the various awards/scholarships in the 12th grade- for graduation. Suddenly, I found myself winning the award from Tremont Elementary for my graduating class. As I remember, Mrs. Siegel was involved in that as well.. I'm very grateful to her for all she has done for me. "

As for her "last" teacher. She told us, "It feels odd to call Peter Randazzo my "last" teacher. As I'm finding out, very clearly, your education doesn't end with school. I was an awkward, shy, introverted teen in 10th grade, quite lacking in the self-confidence department. The one thing I had to cling to was my music. I loved it, and had heard such wonderful things about Mr. Randazzo and his band.

I learned so much more than playing the clarinet from Mr. Randazzo He taught me to have self confidence, that I was special, talented and that I had something to offer the world. He gave me responsibilities which boosted my love of music, and of myself. Most of all he taught me how important music is, not just to someone who wants be involved with it for a living, but to everyone. Peter Randazzo loves music, and he loves being a teacher. PMHS is lucky to have him, and so was I. "

Christine attended SUNY Fredonia for one semester in the fall of 1986. She was a music education major, with a concentration in clarinet, but decided that year that she wanted to be a voice major. She entered the undergraduate music program at SUNY Stony Brook in the fall of 1989, and graduated from Stony Brook in the spring of 1994. From 1994-1997 she was in the three year training program of the Metropolitan Opera.

Christine loves her work and thinks she has a GREAT job. She corresponded with us from Tokyo, Japan where she is currently an opera singer. She has worked all over the world. She has performed in Paris, New York, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Montreal, Spain, and all over the US.

The entire Patchogue Medford Community is proud of one of our finest graduates! Congratulations and continued success to Christine!