The 18th Annual PMCT Student Citizen Awards was held on May 5th, 2014 at the Saxton Middle School auditorium. After the Presentation of Colors by the P-M Air Force JROTC, PMCT president Beth Warnken welcomed the students, parents, teachers and staff present and was joined by Kathleen Murphy, chairperson of the event. The PMCT Chorus, under the direction of P-M English teacher, Christy Reinert, performed “One Short Day” from Wicked arranged by PMHS Music teacher Brian Reich. PMHS student, Luca Esposito, accompanied the chorus as a percussionist as Mr. Carl Hottinger joined in on the piano. The Eva Davis Memorial Award, presented by Maria Grimaldi, awarded a $50 gift certificate in memory of Eva Davis, a reading teacher for many years in the P-M school district, to each of the three recipients. Elementary, departmental and grade level awards were distributed to students as beaming parents applauded all of them. The three seniors awarded with the grade level award also received $500 scholarships in honor of Dan Galinson a long time PMCT lawyer. After an absolutely delightful evening, the closing song “Defying Gravity” from Wicked was performed by English teacher, Christy Reinert accompanied again by Luca Esposito and Carl Hottinger. So many members of PMCT contributed to this successful evening. A sincere thank you goes out to the Building Chairs and the Committee Chairs for their hard work in making this evening a success. The entire membership of the PMCT congratulates all recipients and their families for a job well done in their respective schools. Below is a list of all the elementary and secondary Student Citizen Award Winners. Congratulations to all!!

Below is a list of all the elementary and secondary Student Citizen Award Winners. Congratulations to all!!

PMCT Student Citizen Award Winners

Barton Elementary

Pre K - Sophia Rose Yondola
Kindergarten - Hailey Gulick
1st grade - Emma Horgan
2nd grade - Mia Seifert
3rd grade - Ohm Patel
4th grade - Ailyn Farrington
5th grade - Emily Rose Martin

Bay Elementary

Kindergarten - Brady Mulderig
1st grade - Katherine Elizabeth Wenke
2nd grade - Lara Granja
3rd grade - Sarah Grace Biederman
4th grade - Arianna Campitiello
5th grade - Manuel Cardenas

Canaan Elementary

Pre K - Andy Hernandez
Kindergarten - Prince Mack
1st grade - Stefanie Julia Ion
2nd grade - Joel Duchimaza
3rd grade - Emily Volpe
4th grade - Alfonso R. Medrano	Gomez
5th grade - Mateo A. Angamarca

Eagle Elementary

Pre K - Amelia Rose Velez
Kindergarten - Mikayla-Shea Meyer
1st grade - Jason Bonilla-King
2nd grade - Jacob Moore
4th grade - Muhsana Morshed
5th grade - Natasha Henderson

Medford Elementary

Kindergarten - Aundrea Mahoney
1st grade - Jeff Menjivar
2nd grade - Karina Diaz
3rd grade - Catherine Barzallo
4th grade - Nicole Marca
5th grade - Nicholas Cristoforo

River Elementary

Pre-K - Lorenzo Ryan Galgano
Kindergarten - Gerry Guartasacq
1st grade - Juliet LaRosa
2nd grade - Valerie Cando
3rd grade - Bryan Ordonez Zhispon
4th grade - Olivia Sandezer
5th grade - Emma Crowley

Tremont Elementary

Kindergarten - Hailey Stratton
1st grade - Ryan Bacon
2nd grade - Ahinoa Ludizaca
3rd grade - Joseph Gabriellini
4th grade - Giavanna Marie Tursi
5th grade - Isabelle A. Palladino

Oregon Middle School

6th grade - Alexa M. Maggiacomo
7th grade - Jennifer Soler
8th grade - Lauren Maiorana
Art - Julia Tarling
English - Naliyah Ashanti Washington
ESL - Jhoiher Vidal
Health - Andres Rendon
Home & Careers - Sofia Oakley
LOTE/Foreign Langauge - Andrew Ciufo
Math - Faye Alexandra Gapo
Music - Kaylin C. Markart
Physical Education - Hannah Brooke Martin	
Science - Stephanie Sheridan
Social Studies - Jonathan D. Craig
Technology - Shaianne Peters

Saxton Middle School

6th grade - Taylor Hanson
7th grade - Stephen Michael Galvin
8th grade - Madeline Miehle
Art - Samantha Senig
English - Catherine Sotis
ESL - Nosheen Hussain
Health - Victoria N. Brinkman
Home & Careers - Bernadette Barbosa
LOTE/Foreign Language - Dahlia Lynn Cyrille
Math - Cassandra McGinn
Music - Sammie Visco
Physical Education - Alejandro Ramirez
Science - Thomas J. Wassmer
Social Studies - Louisa Olesiejuk
Technology - Amanda Etienne

South Ocean Middle School

6th grade - Francine Tongol
7th grade - James Pendergast
8th grade - Zachary Hicks
Art - Hailie Dono
English - Victoria M. Villalta
ESL - Kilmar Chicas
Health - Sarah Bacon
Home & Careers - Jaden Alise Wetterau
LOTE/Foreign Language - Cecilia Amone
Math - Aidan O. Minushkin
Music - Erin Winn
Physical Education - Grace K. Ford	
Science - Megan Egan
Social Studies - Molly McCabe
Technology - Matthew McCabe

Pat-Med High School

9th grade - Joseph Finn
9th grade - Brianna Sloup
9th grade - Kelsey Wright
10th grade - Katie Nicole Bullard
10th grade - Vienna Durao
10th grade - Kerri McMahon
11th grade - Kaitlin Braile
11th grade - Kaitlyn Upshaw
11th grade - Oliver Raymond Voorhees
11th grade - Sarah Elizabeth Wrobel
12th grade - Ahmar Alam
12th grade - Patrick William Voorhees, Jr.
12th grade - Maiquela Richards

Art - Stephanie Farrell
Business - Rayden Reiber
English - Aaron T. McAleavey
ESL - Nathaly Castro
Health - Patrick J. Cleary			
LOTE/Foreign Language - Katherine Edith Avendano
Math - Alexandra Longo
Music - Matthew V. Bernocco
Physical Education - Ryan J. Murphy
ROTC - Gianna Fiebe
Science - Minghui Chen
Social Studies - John R. McCabe
Technology - Maria Andrade

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