17th Annual Student Citizen Awards

PMCT Seventeenth Annual Student-Citizen Awards

The Seventeenth Annual PMCT Student Citizen Awards were awarded on April 22nd, 2013 at the Saxton Middle School auditorium. After the presentation of colors by the P-M Air Force JROTC, PMCT president Paul Pecorale welcomed the students, parents, teachers and staff present and was joined by Kathleen Murphy, chairperson of the event. The PMCT Chorus, under the direction of PMHS English teacher, Christy Reinert, performed “One More Day” from Les Miserables arranged by PMHS Music teacher Brian Reich and accompanied by Phil LoPinto. Several PMCT members also sang solo performances. These fine soloists were Rose Champion, Bob Borowski, Melissa Dell’Italia, Edward Ohlsen, Brian Reich, Christy Reinert, and Syndee Zegel.

The Eva Davis Memorial Award, presented by Maria Grimaldi, awarded a $50 gift certificate in memory of Eva Davis, a reading teacher for many years in the P-M school district, to each of the three recipients.

Elementary, departmental and grade level awards were distributed to students as beaming parents applauded all of them. The PMHS Jazz band performed under the direction of PMHS Music teacher, Michael Rudnicki. The closing song, “The People’s Song” also from Les Miserables was arranged and accompanied by PMHS Music teacher Brian Reich.

So many members of PMCT contributed to this successful evening. A sincere thank you goes out to the Building Chairs and the Committee Chairs for their hard work in making this evening a success.

The entire membership of the PMCT congratulates all recipients and their families for a job well done in their respective schools.

Below is a list of all the elementary and secondary Student Citizen Award Winners. Congratulations to all!!

PMCT Student Citizen Award Winners

Barton Elementary School

1st grade - Emily Rose Interrante
2nd grade - Alexandra L. Lavieri
3rd grade - Amanda Horgan
4th grade - Melissa Castillo-Tapia
5th grade - Ana	Kelly Seifert

Bay Elementary School

Kindergarten - Ryleigh Rooney
1st grade - Jaxson Rooney
2nd grade - David Erik Motl
3rd grade - Lesly Nivelo Matute
4th grade - Anthony Senecal
5th grade - Jaden Alise Wetterau

Canaan Elementary School

Pre K - Liam Fleischman
Kindergarten - Olivia Grace Hanley
1st grade - John King
2nd grade - Luca Capuano
3rd grade - LaToya E. Darden-Dixon
4th grade - Joseph E. Burawa
5th grade - Mary E. Savi

Eagle Elementary School

Pre K  - Hailey Stratton
Kindergarten - Kassidy Fromm
1st grade - Faith Delgado
2nd grade - Matthew	V. Lalwani
3rd grade - Austin Hamer
4th grade - Gavin M. O'Connor
5th grade - Christian Arrie Boudreau

Medford  Elementary School

Kindergarten - Sahar Fatima
1st grade - Bora-Arda Calisir
2nd grade - Emma M. Blenkensopp
3rd grade - Delaney Leigh McCarthy
4th grade - Alana Johnson
5th grade - Francine Lorraine Tongol

River Elementary School

Pre-K - James Kenneth Weisberger
Kindergarten - Lisa Anne Marino
1st grade - Angelina Marie Gentile
2nd grade - Aydan Ashby
3rd grade - James Rocano
4th grade - Guia Angela D. Bayot
5th grade - Kayla Drake

Tremont Elementary School

Kindergarten - Alyssa D. Atcosta
1st grade - Zachary R. Maggiacomo
2nd grade - Jessalyn R. Bunse
3rd grade - Ella Ginas
4th grade - Benjamin Herrmann
5th grade - Tyler C. Schneider

Oregon Middle School

6th grade - Vanessa Marie Torre
7th grade - Daniel Thomas Gordon
8th grade - Josh Oakley
Art - Luis Fernando Moran-Cantera
English - Michael J. Dillon
ESL - Melisa E. Gonzalez
Health - James Fernandez
Home & Careers - Jessica L. Depoo
LOTE/Foreign Langauge - Rebecca  Sousa
Math - Christian Dolan
Music - Meghan Breslin
Physical Education - Matthew Parrillo			
Science - Tyler Miller
Social Studies - Omar Reyes
Technology - Robert C. Tritch, III

Saxton Middle School

6th grade - Amber Rose Ringle
7th grade - Amelia Chesebro
8th grade - Donna R.Burawa
Art - Delaney R. Cone
English - Angelina Kaspshak
ESL - Lisseth Lucero
Health - Alexa Verni
Home & Careers - Taylor Duff
LOTE/Foreign Language - Joseph Lopez
Math - Antoinette Mavrotheris
Music - Victoria Andrunik
Physical Education - Kaitlyn Mya Moran		
Science - Cameron T. Jones
Technology - Belky Reyes-Fuentes

South Ocean Middle School

6th grade - Levdi Perez
7th grade - Bradley Underwood
8th grade - Jennifer Li
English - Adriana Carannante
Math - Kayla McGinnis
Music - Shaun Paul Muller
Physical Education - Alexandra M. Reksten		
Science - Eric Keough
Social Studies - Kayla Glerum
Technology - Dominic Eric Lucchese

High School

9th grade - Vincent Mangogna
9th grade - Jose	G. Ruano
9th grade - Raquel Fernandes
10th grade - Nicole Ann Pannullo
10th grade - Brian Michels
10th grade - Paige Meyer
11th grade - Brandon Ali
11th grade - Irma Valverde
11th grade - Emily K. Warnken
12th grade - Jack Keough
12th grade - Zachary Petker
12th grade - Michael Grazio
Art - Mary Searles
Business - Emily Hope Altshuler
English - Christine N. Boehm
ESL - Muriel Reyes
Health - Maiquela Richards			
LOTE/Foreign Language - Kimberly Rose Carey
Math - Kimberly Fazio
Music - Anthony Galea
Physical Education - Rebecca Rose Gordon
ROTC - Joseph Figurowski
Science - Fedrik Durao
Social Studies - Timothy Ingram
Technology - Matthew Broderick
Elementary	Barton (3rd)	Amy Zois
Middle School	South Ocean (6th)	Lily O'Shea
High School	PM High School (10th)	Mayra Ortiz

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