PMCT Sixteenth Annual Student-Citizen Awards

The Sixteenth Annual PMCT Student Citizen Awards were awarded on April 30th, 2012 at the Saxton Middle School auditorium. After the presentation of colors by the P-M Air Force JROTC, PMCT president Paul Pecorale welcomed the students, parents, teachers and staff present and was joined by Kathleen Murphy, chairperson of the event. PMHS English teacher, Christy Reinert sang the lovely song “Not While I’m Around” and received a huge applause. The PMHS Jazz Band, under the direction of Pete Randazzo, performed during the evening, also to thunderous applause.

The Eva Davis Memorial Awards, presented by Maria Grimaldi, awarded a $50 gift certificate in memory of Eva Davis, a reading teacher for many years in the P-M school district, to each of the three recipients.

Elementary, departmental and grade level awards were distributed to students as beaming parents applauded all of them. Three seniors, Shane Acosta, Dmitri Morgan and Riley Straw were each awarded $500 scholarships as recipients of the Dan Galinson Award. Dan was an outstanding labor lawyer for the PMCT who passed away in 2001.

The evening ended with a closing song performed by Christy Reinert and Edd Ohlsen as refreshments were served. The entire membership of the PMCT congratulates all recipients and their families for a job well done in their respective schools.

Below is a list of all the elementary and secondary Student Citizen Award Winners. Congratulations to all!!

PMCT Student Citizen Award Winners
Barton Elementary School
Pre K - Jacob Oakley
Kindergarten -  Carlo Gaetano Costigliola
1st grade - Jack Ramon Martinez
2nd grade - Sean Patrick Owen
3rd grade - Alexandra Salducco
4th grade - Nicole Joan Socko
5th grade - Cassidy Jo Marie Tierney

Bay Elementary School
Kindergarten - Grace Kelly
1st grade - John Anthony Wenke
2nd grade	 - Brooke Dochtermann
3rd grade - Justine L. Ludovico
4th grade - Joe Calle  
5th grade - Frances Flores

Canaan Elementary School
Pre K - Mia Rose Caporusso
Kindergarten - Nicole Whittaker
1st grade - Jaelyn M. Hargraves
2nd grade	 - Emma Mayer
3rd grade - Madelynn Paige Schumann
4th grade - Jake LaMonica
5th grade - Christopher Pierse

Eagle Elementary School
Kindergarten - Grace Hirst
1st grade - Arlene Granados 
2nd grade	 - Blaze Sepulveda
3rd grade - Alex M. Rodriguez
4th grade - Blanca Estela Ibarra-Perez
5th grade - Jesse Pineda

Medford  Elementary School
Kindergarten - Alexander Hart
1st grade - Amanda Albrecht
2nd grade	 - Alex Naranjo
3rd grade - Sydney Bacon
4th grade - Jennifer Guaraca
5th grade - Dominique Burke

River Elementary School
Kindergarten - Venessa Guncay 
1st grade - Julia Charvat
2nd grade	 - Katherine Brennan
3rd grade - Shane Martin
4th grade - Christopher A. Castillo-Torres
5th grade - Fayth August Gessner

Tremont Elementary School
Kindergarten - Emma Kaileen Schneider
1st grade - Connor Travalee
2nd grade	 - Jake D. Maggiacomo
3rd grade - Zain Ahmed
4th grade - Alexa M. Maggiacomo
5th grade - Katherine Muy

Oregon Middle School
6th grade - Marissa Yun  
7th grade - Elizabeth	V. Marge
8th grade - Michael N. Eaton, Jr.
Art - Isabella Hausch
English - Brooke Alexis Shellman
ESL - Gricel Martin-Barrera
Health - Emily Nicole Potter
Home & Careers - Jordan C. Yates
LOTE/Foreign Langauge - Kevin Fuentes
Math - Casandra Ramdeo
Music - Sarah Kanfer
Physical Education - Hannah Mae Dellecave		
Science - Jessica Arnoldi
Social Studies - David Paul Turner
Technology - Bianca DeLucia

Saxton Middle School
6th grade - Keiry A. Barreiro
7th grade - Victoria Ann Ringle
8th grade - Asyanur Keklikci 
Art  - Samantha Lopez
English - Daniel Bradley Marzagalli
ESL - Jennifer Zumba
Health - Louis Gabriel Walker
Home & Careers - Kenedy Petersen
LOTE/Foreign Language - Olivia S. Medrano
Math  - Elaina Pottgen
Music - Mark A. Manning
Physical Education - Krystina E. Rodriguez	
Science - Michael Frechette
Social Studies - Elaina Pottgen
Technology - Max Handley

South Ocean Middle School

6th grade - Karly Desing
7th grade - Pamela Kamille A. Cortezano
8th grade - Julia Rosa Chan
Art - Brooke Underwood
English - Samantha M. Canavan
ESL - Nicole J. Lucero  
Health -Jillian Lenhard
Home & Careers - Jack  Shortell
LOTE/Foreign Language -Mikaela R. Canavan
Math -Maximilian Junge
Music -Tiffany Ann Meier
Physical Education -Elijah Roselle	
Science - Aimee Mullins
Social Studies - Joshua Robert	 Tanski
Technology - Daniel Codispoti

High School
9th grade - Cianna Z. Jackson
9th grade - Alex Signorelli
9th grade - Courtney Doscher
10th grade - Matthew V. Bernocco
10th grade - Sarah Camera
11th grade - Thalia Michelle Calle
11th grade - Alexandria Cermak
11th grade - John N. Hartsough
12th grade - Dimitri Morgan
12th grade - Riley Straw
12th grade - Shane Acosta
Art - Morgan DiNapoli
Business - Emily Minicozzi
English - Matthew Boose
Health - Kieran Nolan			
LOTE/Foreign Language - Megan M. Brewster
Math - Rafael A. Marmol
Music - Mary-Kate Michels
Physical Education - Eric Morales
ROTC - Michael J. Berman
Science - Carlos Flores
Social Studies - James Doherty
Technology - Kate M. Clark

Elementary - Medford - Maria de Los Angeles Calle-Chillogalli
Middle School - Oregon - Olivia Chierchio	
High School - PM High School - Megan M. Brewster


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