The Fifteenth Annual PMCT Student Citizen Awards was held this year on April 28th at the Saxton Middle School. The purpose of these awards is to recognize and honor those outstanding students who exemplify all of the qualities that teachers value most: responsibility, scholarship, citizenship, leadership, and effort. These students excel academically and also shine as human beings.

The evening began with the presentation of colors by the P-M Air Forces Junior ROTC color guard. After welcoming remarks by PMCT president Paul Pecorale and chairperson Kathleen Murphy, PMHS teacher Christy Reinert and Maya Montemurro performed the song "Children Will Listen". Kathleen Murphy presented the elementary awards followed by the presentation of the "Eva Davis Memorial Award" presented by Maria Grimaldi. After department and grade level awards were distributed the PMHS jazz band, conducted by PMHS teacher Peter Randazzo, performed followed by the closing song "Everybody Says Don't" performed by Christy Reinert.

The entire membership of the PMCT congratulates all the award recipients for their hard work and selection by their teachers for these honors.

Below is a list of all the elementary and secondary Student Citizen Award Winners. Congratulations to all!!

PMCT Student Citizen Award Winners

Barton Elementary School

Pre K - Matthew	J. Cortina
Kindergarten -  Joseph Kelly
1st grade - Samantha Horgan
2nd grade - Joseph Peter Eric Gabel
3rd grade - Jianna Estevez
3rd grade - Daniel Ernest Kelly
4th grade - Ivanna Zavala-Arbelaez
5th grade - Barton Evan McGlone

Bay Elementary School

Kindergarten - Michael A. Levine
1st grade - Casey Marie Kohler
2nd grade - Glenda Naranjo
3rd grade - Emily DeAngelis
4th grade - Gary Primm, Jr.
5th grade - Donna Marie Rivera

Canaan Elementary School

Pre K - Andrew Peter Davanzo
Kindergarten - Jessica Whittaker
1st grade - Cassandra Susan Say
2nd grade - Devin M. Verdugo
3rd grade - Sean William Pottgen
4th grade - Anson Y. Zhou
5th grade - Melanie Saliba

Eagle Elementary School

Kindergarten - Matthew Connor McCarthy
1st grade - Nohemi Alatorre Anaya
2nd grade - David Bautista
3rd grade - Nickolas Christian Voorhees
4th grade - Maria Catherine Cliffe
5th grade - Paul Achenbach

Medford  Elementary School

Kindergarten - Logan Cristoforo
1st grade - Crystal Marie Zaharatos
2nd grade - Jordan Elizabeth Brooks
3rd grade - Ivy Ma
4th grade - Katarine Rocano
5th grade - Santos Arevalo

River Elementary School

Kindergarten - Brian Ilg
1st grade - Genevieve E. Johnson
2nd grade - Emily Olivieri
3rd grade - Emily Jane Palmero
4th grade - Victoria Noel Brinkman
5th grade - Gianna Inserro

Tremont Elementary School

Kindergarten - Franklin Gonzalez
1st grade - Juliana Osheske
2nd grade - Madison Frascogna
3rd grade - Phoebe Baldinucci
4th grade - Alexander Hamarich
5th grade - Carol Maribel Cajamarca

Oregon Middle School

6th grade - Mykaela Ann Reilly
7th grade - Steven Yun
8th grade - Brianna Lawrence
Art - Victoria Cossack
Business - Toni Foster
English - Christina Thalasitis
Health - Taylor Nicole Shellman
Home and Careers - Brandon D'Onofrio
LOTE/Foreign Langauge - Madeline O'Shaughnessy
Math - Kevin Schelling
Music - Kaely Elizabeth Elkins
Physical Education - Elise M. Grau            		
Science - Skylar Bunse
Social Studies - Chase Bryan DeLuca
Technology - Branden R. Busceti

Saxton Middle School

6th grade - Frankie Papanikolatos
7th grade - Adrianna N. Kremer
8th grade - Nicole Pannullo
Art - Rebecca Holzer
Business - Kaitlin Braile
English - Anastasia Salnikova
ESL - Catherine Munoz
Health - Lela Wade
Home and Careers - Louis G. Walker
LOTE/Foreign Language - Patryk Olesiejuk
Math - Kaitlyn Lent
Music - Vincent A.F. Donnadio
Physical Education - Corinna N. Ferrante			
Science - Jordan Dundas
Social Studies - Caroline L. Coyle
Technology - Paige Meyer

South Ocean Middle School

6th grade - Daniel R. Jara
7th grade - Andrea Rocano
8th grade - Sarah Tully
Art - Alexandra Presto
Business - Hui Wei Liu
English - Kristianna Pennisi
ESL - Juan Mocha
Health - Shannon Rose Shepard
Home and Careers - Matthew Charles Mancini
LOTE/Foreign Language - Bailey C. Logan
Math - Olivia Dono
Music - Kaitlyn Upshaw
Physical Education - Emma Nolan   			
Science - Frank Marisi
Social Studies - Jared Cole Stoller
Technology - Rebecca Marisi

High School

9th grade - Aaron T. Rodriguez
9th grade - Paula Klarizze A. Cortezano
9th grade - Stephanie Flanagan
10th grade - Michael McGinnis
10th grade - Dara C. Pratt
10th grade - Emily Catherine Rohme
11th grade - Amy Leigh Fields
11th grade - Ashley Barbara Delgado
11th grade - Matthew J. Warnken
12th grade - Risa L. Hartsough
12th grade - Marcus Brown
12th grade - Joseph F. Loria
Art - Nicholas Grippi
Business - Cherisse L. Smith
English - Sarah Elizabeth Garcia
ESL - Yakelin Fuentes Mayen
Health - Kelli A. McKenna			
LOTE/Foreign Language - Samantha Bancroft
Math - Nicole E. Ruggles
Music - Nicholas Rufolo
Physical Education - Kevin M. Gerard
ROTC - Jennifer Lynn Burns
Science - Jason A. Feuer
Social Studies - Christopher Lopez
Technology - Andrew  Joseph Zenker

Elementary - 5th grade at River - Evan Coulter
Middle School - Oregon - Nico Morabito
High School	PM High School - Xiomara Roman

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