The Twelfth Annual Patchogue-Medford Congress of Teachers Student Citizen Awards were held on April 29, 2008 at 7pm in the Saxton Middle School Auditorium. The purpose of these awards is to recognize and honor those outstanding students who exemplify all of the qualities that teachers value most: responsibility, scholarship, citizenship, leadership and effort. These students not only excel academically, but shine as human beings. After the presentation of Colors by the PMHS Air Force JROTC color guard, PMCT member and chairperson of the event, Kathleen Murphy, helped present the awards along with PMCT president Paul Pecorale. PMCT members, Christy Reinert and Carrie Pickford, performed the song “Defying Gravity. The PMHS Jazz Band directed by PMHS band director, Peter Randazzo, also provided instrumental music during the ceremonies.

There were over 150 volunteer members of the PMCT that worked hard to put together the awards ceremony and enable the membership to honor and recognize these fine students for their academic successes and their achievements as well rounded members of the Pat-Med Community

Below is a list of all the elementary and secondary Student Citizenship Award Winners. Congratulations to all.

PMCT Student Citizen Award Winners

Barton Elementary School

Pre-K - Emma C. Kirschenheiter
Kindergarten -Nicolette Alise	Savattere
1st grade - Sean Michael Long
2nd grade - Morgan Grey Markowitz
3rd grade - Jonathan Quigley
4th grade - Cindy Zhang
5th grade - Daniele Wegmann

Bay Elementary School

Kindergarten - Julia Comiskey
1st grade - Sydney Schook
2nd grade - Maria Lianne G. Urriza
3rd grade - Katie Caselles
4th grade - Usam Chaudhry
5th grade - Nicole Calle

Canaan Elementary School

Kindergarten - Anthony Vanegas
1st grade - Christopher	T. Pierse
2nd grade - Kenedy Petersen
3rd grade - Justin Hunter McCall
4th grade - Aengy Pedrazzini
5th grade - Mackenzie Reh

Eagle Elementary School

Kindergarten - Pelin Su	Bozok
1st grade - Joelle Meers
2nd grade - Samantha Rizzo
3rd grade - Felicia Dulmage
4th grade - Dominique Renee Reavis
5th grade - Sarah M. Burke

Medford Elementary School

Kindergarten - Maya Isabel Minushkin
1st grade - Quinn E. Bobal
2nd grade - Jaime Anna Morello
3rd grade - Junior Ninanya
4th grade - Emily Vargas
5th grade -  Leah Costanzo

River Elementary School

Kindergarten - Shannon	Camille	Donnelly
1st grade - Joseph Arabia, III
2nd grade - Damaris Rodas
3rd grade - Rylee Baker
4th grade - Katie Lotito
5th grade - Christopher	Callejo

Tremont Elementary School

Kindergarten - Julianna Novak
1st grade - Brandon Burke
2nd grade - Matthew Correa
3rd grade - Christina Thalasitis
4th grade - Samantha Andersen
5th grade - Julianne Ferrelli

Oregon Middle School

6th grade - Lilanni Perez
7th grade - Deanna Martin
8th grade - Gabrielle M. Murphy
Art - Richard J. Torre
Business - Kaity Jasmine Sosa
English - Jesika Lynn Lento
Health - Tyler DeLuca
Home & Careers - Brian Frejka
Math - Christina A. Venth
Music - Anthony Galea
Physical Education - Rosamarie Prestano
Science - Christian Dounelis
Social Studies - Sarah Marie Beauplan
Technology -  Alexander	M. Jackson

Saxton Middle School

6th grade - Marina Catherine Benenati
7th grade - Kimberly Rose Carey
8th grade - Tara Anne Brady
Art - Callie Hudson
Business - Mark Jarvis Dornagon
English - Rebecca Keogh
Health - Julianna Schaefer
Home & Careers - Jessica Elizabeth Nelson
LOTE/Foreign Language - Ashley Rose Wallace 
Math - Brianna	N. Cotugno
Music - Christine N. Boehm
Physical Education - Matthew J. Warnken
Science - Max Hillman
Social Studies - Martin Charles Carlino
Technology - Pamela C.Guncay

South Ocean Middle School

6th grade - Amanda Matises
7th grade - Venessa Callejo
8th grade - McKenna Rowland
Art - Chloe N. LaVelle
Business - Kyle Harney
English - Kelly E. Opinante
Health - Anne Therese Crean
Home & Careers - Kelcey Kennelly
LOTE/Foreign Language - Shannon Fisher
Math - Anya May Owens
Physical Education - Alexander C. Fauci
Science	- Cynthia	DeMarco
Social Studies - Alicia	N. Kreamer
Technology - Jon Rowland

High School

9th grade - Gabriela Moreno
9th grade - Nicole Mihalek
10th grade - Kevin J. Deutsch
10th grade - Gary Pius Camilleri
11th grade - Ariel Serena Aicher
11th grade - Robert S. Balke
11th grade - Danny Cleary,III
12th grade - Jaclyn Mandart
12th grade - DaShawn Ramos
12th grade - Kevin Friedman
Art - Christopher Gawiak
Business - Kaitlyn D. Karlya
English - Taylor K. Sweezy
Health - Rebecca Corea
LOTE/Foreign Language -	Christine Campo
Math - Ashir Amer
Music - Daniel Pessalano
Physical Education - Nicholas T. Monaco
ROTC - Nina Escobar
Science - Michele Shebroe
Social Studies - Anne Marie Alfieri
Technology - William Barba

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