The 11th annual PMCT Student Citizen Awards ceremony was held on April 23, 2007 at the Saxton Middle School. After the Presentation of Colors by the P-M Air Force JROTC color guard, PMCT president Paul Pecorale welcomed the parents and student award winners who were recognized for outstanding achievement. Paul noted that the selected students exemplified all of the qualities that teachers value most: responsibility, scholarship, citizenship, leadership and effort. Paul also noted that all of the award winners excel as students and shine as human beings.

After greetings from District Superintendent Mostow, Kathleen Murphy, chairperson of the event, thanked the more than 150 teacher representatives and volunteers from each school and praised the student award winners as the bright hope for our future generations. PMHS music teacher Brian Reich sang “I Hope You Dance” as a tribute to the students. The high school Jazz Band, under the direction of Band Director Peter Randazzo, performed the instrumental background during the ceremony. The Jazz Band, composed of Pat-Med’s outstanding music students, did a fine job in providing instrumentals for the evening. The evening’s program and stage design were created by two high school students, Valerie Ianelli and Christina Walters, both outstanding members of the high school Advertising Design class. After the awards were distributed to all the honorees, PMHS English teacher, Christy Reinert performed the closing song “Through Your Eyes” to show the students how they are a source of inspiration to all their teachers.

Below is a list of all the elementary and secondary Student Citizenship Award Winners. Congratulations to all.

The names of the 2007 award winners are listed below:

PMCT Student Citizen Award Winners

Barton Elementary School

Pre K - Kayla Ann Drake
Kindergarten - Nicolas Michael Carey
1st grade - Hannah Leigh Pell
2nd grade - Victoria Ann Ringle
3rd grade - Ryan J. Diehl
4th grade - Kyle Arcuri
5th grade - Ahmar Alam

Bay Elementary School

Kindergarten - Jonathan P. Fauci
1st grade - Andrew Blake Scheiner
2nd grade - Alyssa Tomasulo
3rd grade - Shannon Rose Shepard
4th grade - Andrew John Muller
5th grade - Kayla Goldman

Canaan Elementary School

Kindergarten - Nicole M. Supligulcha			
2nd grade - Taylor Ann Martinek
3rd grade - Abdulwahab Mousa
4th grade -  Dani Savannah Alt
5th grade  - Sharim Pena

Eagle Elementary School

Kindergarten - Sarah Johnson
1st grade - Victoria Campanella
2nd grade - Hannah Paige Smith
3rd grade - Bobby Pease
4th grade - Xiomara Aragon
5th grade - Patrick Voorhees

Medford Elementary School

Kindergarten - Michael Molina Fajardo
1st grade - Kristine McGuirk
2nd grade - Abigail Rose DiCarluccio
3rd grade - Meghan Callahan
4th grade - Estefania Yanza
5th grade - Amanda Matises

River Elementary School

Kindergarten - Nicholas Valenti
1st grade - Jenna Castilletti
2nd grade - Ashley Camacho
3rd grade - Brooke Underwood
4th grade - Theresa DeFilippo
5th grade - Bismah Akhter

Tremont Elementary School

Kindergarten - Nickolas Salvatore
1st grade - Dennis Moore
2nd grade - Hillary Marca
3rd grade - Elise Grau
4th grade - Christina Delgado
5th grade - Connor Lee Coughlin

Oregon Middle School

6th grade - Erik Thomas Stenswold
7th grade - Alexa Augustine
8th grade - Amanda Zecca
Art - Sabrina R. Spradley
Business - Risa Hartsough
English - Michael Anthony Grazio
Health - Jennifer Curtis
Home & Careers - Nicole Ashley Casamassina
LOTE/Foreign Langauge - Erica Sanniola
Math - Aileen Yaeger
Music - Joseph C. Conserva
Physical Education - Michelle Kawko
Science - Steven Pierno
Social Studies - Ashley Delgado
Technology - Anthony J. Urizzo

Saxton Middle School

6th grade - Trevor Charles Tighe
7th grade - Lindsey Dundas
8th grade - Laura Shebroe
Art - Tara Anne Brady
Business - Vincent Volpe
English - Christina Baio
Health - Shannen V. Kelley
Home & Careers - Bryan W. Reissig
LOTE/Foreign Language - Monica Cusanelli
Math - Linda Kentoffio
Music - Kendal Collins
Physical Education - Annie Rose Vincenti
Science - Dean John Covais
Social Studies - Natalie Cricenti
Technology - Matt Auci

South Ocean Middle School

6th grade - Jeffrey Faulkner
7th grade - Hanna Lazio
8th grade - Ashley F. Norberto
Art - Ashley Rodriguez
Business - Gabriel Vincent Lijoi
English - Elvira Argueta-Gomez
Health - Amy Elizabeth Russo
Home & Careers - Jessica Calandra
LOTE/Foreign Language - Angelica Berrios
Math - Michael Lebrecht
Music - Paige Graskemper
Physical Education - Kevin Gerard
Science - Jessica Nicole Donato
Social Studies - Michael D. Castro
Technology - Kayla Thomson

High School

9th grade - Arielle S. DeMarco
9th grade - Alexandra Zegel
9th grade - Ryan Burda
10th grade - Kelsey Darragh Russell
10th grade - Caitlin Halloran
10th grade - Joshua Kaplan
11th grade - Stephanie Tusso
11th grade - Rachel Anne Lawlor
11th grade - Kai Yan Chen
12th grade - Brendon Nolan
12th grade - Steven Roman
12th grade - Elizabeth Purcell
Art - Irina Nicole Calin
Business - Crystal Nichole Hunter
English - Joseph D'Urso
Health - Elizabeth K. Longo		
LOTE/Foreign Language - Jacqueline D. Pantina
Math - Celestino Alem
Music - Michael Pugliese
Physical Education - Matthew D. Harris
ROTC - Daniel Arthur Pinto
Science - Kimberly Bruno
Social Studies - Dale Rasmussen
Technology - Nicholas Bonamico

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