The 10th Annual PMCT Student Citizen Awards were held at the Saxton Middle School on April 24th, 2006. The purpose of these awards is to recognize and honor outstanding students who exemplify all of the qualities that teachers most value: responsibility, scholarship, citizenship, leadership and effort. These students are recognized for excelling academically and also as shining human beings. These young people have built a strong foundation on the qualities that are necessary for success and as exemplary citizens.

The evening began with the presentation of colors by the PMHS Air Force JROTC color guard. PMCT President Andy MacAvoy and Superintendent Mostow gave welcome greetings to all. The chairperson of the event, PMCT member Kathleen Murphy, praised all the recipients and introduced PMCT members Christy Reinert & Brian Reich who sang “A Whole New World”. After the awards were distributed, Christy and Brian sang “The Colors of the Wind” to close the evening.

The PMCT celebrates their achievements and are confident that they will also be outstanding citizens in the future.

The names of the 2006 award winners are listed below:

PMCT Student Citizen Award Winners

Elementary School Winners:

Pre K - Dakota Lee Di Tosti
Kindergarten - Doniven Ray Palatta
1st grade - Natalie Cienski
2nd grade - Barbara Ann Markland
3rd grade - Nicole Pannullo
4th grade - William L. Hersh
5th grade	- Vincent Reisiger


Kindergarten - Cecilia Amone
1st grade - Brooke Delaney Patterson
2nd grade - Samantha Sachse
3rd grade - Kerry Marie Berman
4th grade - Sarah J.P. Hersh
5th grade - Jayde T. Ragimierski


Kindergarten - Anthony Donnadio
1st grade - Angelina C. Kaspshak
2nd grade - Victoria Kalata
3rd grade - Sarah Elizabeth Sheldrick
4th grade - Manuel Andres Zamora
5th grade - Samantha Nicole Burns


Kindergarten - Melissa Araujo
1st grade - Caitlyn Rose Moustouka
2nd grade - Khayla Marie Rivera
3rd grade - Kevin Abrahamsen
4th grade - Rachael McKenna
5th grade - Alexandria Cermak


Kindergarten - Isabella Evangelista
1st grade - Brian Fernandez
2nd grade - Gabriel Perez
3rd grade - Isabelle Nicole Adams
4th grade - Kyra Harney
5th grade - Shannon Fisher


Kindergarten - Robert Santiago
1st grade - Meghan N. Mercurio
2nd grade - Anastasia Salnikova
3rd grade - Jordan Elizabeth Dundas
4th grade - Taylor P. Kass
5th grade - Sydney E. Schandel


Kindergarten - Sarah Anne Morge
1st grade - Erik J. "Matz, Jr."
2nd grade - Lauren Grace DeRamo
3rd grade - Alexis Taylor Bushman
4th grade - Vanessa Morales
5th grade - Tyler DeLuca

Oregon Middle School

6th grade - Amanda Leigh James
7th grade - Pamela Ghigliotti
8th grade - Joseph Brigandi
Art - Ryan Grippi
Business - Jose Canales
English - Ashley Rucker
Health - Cherisse L. Smith
Home & Careers - Danielle Elizabeth Gorospe
LOTE/Foreign Langauge - Katie Aliberti
Math - Nicholas V. Stumpo
Music - Liam P. Cates
Physical Education - Kevin Deutsch
Science - Michelle Tosques
Social Studies - Alexandra Ferrelli
Technology - Scott Kesner

Saxton Middle School

6th grade - Kelly Laurent Maud
7th grade - Maria Caroline Robado
8th grade - Ashley Bonanno
Art - Michael Accardo
Business - Alexandria Olsen
English - Jennifer P. Turano
Health - Darin Mihalik
Home & Careers - Krystal M. Lever
LOTE/Foreign Language - Lianna Halle Tullis
Math - Elisabeth Pagliuca
Music - Nicole Mihalek
Physical Education - Eddie Morrissey
Science - Jen Bohlert
Social Studies - Molly E. Vallillo
Technology - Ashley McMahon

South Ocean Middle School
6th grade - Brenna March
7th grade - Alena Erhardt
8th grade - Edwin Vargas
Art - Elizabeth Wanamaker
Business - Stephanie Marran
English - Rebecca A. Geist
Health - Samm Cicio
Home & Careers - Cassandra L. Silvestrone
LOTE/Foreign Language - Emma R. Lowery
Math - Brianna Rose Archard
Music - Ali Syed
Physical Education - Molly Rooney	
Science - Mary-Katherine Michels
Social Studies - Emily Vetter
Technology - Kassandra Cozier

High School

9th grade - Joshua J. Medina
9th grade - Daniel Stoll
9th grade - Corey Paul Tighe
10th grade - Brandi Martino
10th grade - Stephanie Lynn Ryan
10th grade - Michael B. Smith
11th grade - Athena Aicher
11th grade - Jordan Prescott Gee
11th grade - Brandon Hughes
12th grade - Thomas M. Booth
12th grade - Vanessa L. Costanzo
12th grade - Chelsea Lyn Duncan
Art - Melanie P. DeLoney
Business - Shannon D. Purce
English - Megan Radigan
Health - Jenae Bonlarron
LOTE/Foreign Language - Patrick Mendelsohn
Math - Jennifer Romano
Music - Alexandria Fairchild
Physical Education - Kevin W. Reyling
ROTC - Elena Grace Greck
Science - Angelo Verderosa
Social Studies - Deanna Victoria Lennon


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