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The Patchogue-Medford Congress of Teachers recognizes outstanding, hard-working students each year by awarding these young people the PMCT Student Citizen Awards. This yearís presentation was held on April 21, 2005 at the Saxton Middle School. Students throughout the district were recognized by their teachers as their proud parents watched, for their success in either their grade level for elementary students or their subject matter for secondary students. The turn out that evening by teachers and parents was quite large with the Saxton auditorium filled to capacity.

The names of the 2005 award winners are listed below:

PMCT Student Citizen Award Winners
Pre K -	Claire Olsen

Elementary School Winners:


Pre K - Alexis Arcuri
Kindergarten - Samantha Braband
1st grade - Jacy Enez Lawrence
2nd grade - Darren Cusanelli, Jr.
3rd grade - Rosalina D'Agostino
4th grade - Sarah Ann Dones
5th grade - Shane L. Acosta


Kindergarten -Sophia Rodriguez
1st grade -Bay Schook
2nd grade - Taylor Court
3rd grade - Katie Scott Downs
4th grade - Anne Therese Crean
5th grade - Dylan Brown


Kindergarten - Samantha Richwine
1st grade - Britteny N. Lombardo
2nd grade - Gabriella Marie Mingino
3rd grade - Connor McGuire
4th grade - Joanna O'Leary
5th grade - Jessica Lynn Cadovius


Kindergarten - Ashley Slapo
1st grade - Michael J. Bollinger
2nd grade - Jon Christopher Fenyo
3rd grade - Chelsea Whitbeck
4th grade - John N. Hartsough
5th grade - Nicholas V. Stumpo


Kindergarten - Matthew Vincent Parrillo
1st grade - Areina Joann Rosario
2nd grade - Eliza DeCarlo
3rd grade - Kayla Sistarelli
4th grade - Raymond Figueroa
5th grade - Kevin M. Fitzgerald


Kindergarten - Alyssa Nicole Valenti
1st grade - Zachary M. Leahy
2nd grade - Foster M. Aviano
3rd grade - Benjamin Underwood
4th grade - Michael Christian Miracco
5th grade - Christian Bonete-Tigre


Kindergarten - Janelle Miller
1st grade - Alex Bergman
2nd grade - Trevor Michael McNally
3rd grade - Amanda Rose DeRamo
4th grade - Allison Vaughn
5th grade - Jenn Curtis


6th grade - Muhammad Iqbal
7th grade - Arielle S. DeMarco
8th grade - Gina Marie Hines
Art - Samantha Colleen Danziger
Business - Barry Wood
English - Paxton Taylor Lowe
Health - Michael Monzillo
Home & Careers - Azucena Barrera
LOTE/Foreign Langauge - Alex Fernandes
Math - Genis Bernard Guzman
Music - Garrett Rode
Physical Education - Nicole Morales
Science	Merit - George
Social Studies - Brianna Mikolich
Technology - Kristie Lynn Wilson


6th grade - Ashley Schramm
7th grade - Jaime Chacon
8th grade - Ashley L. Willoughby
Art - Timothy Catone
Business - Rachel Dannenberg
English	- Christine Campo
Health Kathryn Jean Soeder
Home & Careers - Joseph	F. Loria
LOTE/Foreign Language - Chelsea	T. Mahoney
Math - Ariel Aicher
Music - Richard Karuschkat
Physical Education  - Alexandra M. Adamo
Science -  Franki Pena
Social Studies - John Machalski
Technology - Joshua F. Kaplan

South Ocean

6th grade - Jeremy D. Hooton
7th grade - Michael Fisher
8th grade - Joseph D. Thompson
Art - Rebecca Perez
Business - Michael Carroll
English - Emily	Sara Zurl
Health - Erin Lynn Bordt
Home & Careers  - Krista Ann D'Ambrosio
LOTE/Foreign Language - Kaleigh Nolan
Math - Ling Zhuang
Music - Peter A. Lazio
Physical Education - Daniel Stoll
Science - Kevin	Honce
Social Studies - Emily Ann Sadusky
Technology - Nadin Amr El Gawish

High School

9th grade - Daniel Coners
9th grade - Caitlyn McGrath
9th grade - Brian Mulligan
10th grade - Matthew DeMattia
10th grade - Kelly D. Garry
10th grade - Thomas Wyszomierski
11th grade - Junior Francis
11th grade - Amy E. Gallagher
11th grade - Sarah Kate	Mullins
12th grade - Nicholas Addonisio
12th grade - Jessica J. Ferrar
12th grade - Stacey E. Smith
Art - Thomas Garbarini
Business - Lea Schumacher
English - Christopher Perry
Health - Dylan Smith			
LOTE/Foreign Language - Damarelis Cruz Rodriguez
Math - David Atkinson
Music - Meagan	E. Finnerty
Physical Education - Jaylene Marie Cintron
ROTC - Carolyn Marrero
Science - Melissa A. Tully
Social Studies - Kathryn Kentoffio
Technology - Edward J. Lennon, III

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