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The Patchogue-Medford Congress of Teachers hosted its annual Student Citizen Awards Night on May 3, 2004. The purpose of these awards is to recognize and honor those outstanding students who exemplify all of the qualities that teachers value most: responsibility, scholarship, citizenship, leadership and effort. The students honored not only do excel academically, but shine as human beings.

The ceremony was attended by parents, grandparents, relatives and friends of all the fine students honored. Also in attendance were large numbers of teachers, administrators and School Board Members.

The audience was wowed by foreign language teacher Maureen Kashkin and High School English Teacher Christy Reinert singing "Children Will Listen."

The evening would not have been such a well run success without the help of many teacher volunteers from all the buildings. The chairpeople for the event, Jolie Trueman, Jackie Nolan and Linda Nowicki must be congratulated for another perfectly run event.

In these times of world conflict, the quality of citizenship is so important as it connotes a caring and concern not only for oneself and family, but for the community, our county and all of humanity. If we are ever able to achieve world ppeace, it will be through the efforts of these young people and others like them around the workd. The teachers of PMCT have every confidence that they will be the outstanding citizens of tomorrow.

PMCT once again congratulates all award winners and thanks all those who helped make the evening such a huge success.

PMCT Student Citizen Award Winners
Pre K -	Claire Olsen

Elementary School Winners:


Kindergarten - Joseph Nicholas Koslosky
1st grade - James B. Conklin, III
2nd grade - Emily Freyherr
3rd grade - Kristina Dignam
4th grade - Liana Michelle Kaplan
5th grade - Nicole E. Ruggles


Kindergarten - Maximilian Junge
1st grade - Deirdre Claire Crean
2nd grade - Christian Llivicura
3rd grade - Marissa Ann Calado
4th grade - Kelly Elizabeth Opinante
5th grade - Alena M. Erhardt


Kindergarten -Beth Russell
1st grade - Corinna Ferrante
2nd grade - Lindsay Marie Cafariella
3rd grade - Salvatore Giannino
4th grade - Tara Ann Brady
5th grade - Amanda Lyn Evangelista


Kindergarten -Shaun O'Mara
1st grade - Jessica D'Andrea
2nd grade - Kerry Werkheiser
3rd grade - Alexis A. Culhane
4th grade - Alexa Madeline Cimino
5th grade - Kaitlyn Monahan


Kindergarten - Luke Mischo
1st grade - Geovanny X. Moreno
2nd grade - Alex Timms
3rd grade - Megan K. Raggett
4th grade - Amanda Leigh James
5th grade - Sean M. Frey


Kindergarten - Sara Esau
1st grade - Pablo Salinas
2nd grade - Kellianne Sirianni
3rd grade - Jayla T. Sherman
4th grade - Matthew Warnken
5th grade - Tania Cabrera-Salazar


Kindergarten - Megan Lee Schwartz
1st grade - Kaitlyn Baldeo
2nd grade - Mark Yaeger
3rd grade - Zackary L. Petker
4th grade - Gianna M. Ferraro
5th grade - Amanda Radalinsky


6th grade - Alisha Donnelly
7th grade - Samantha L. Rainone
8th grade - Marina Rose Greck
9th grade - Elisabeth M. Brunbauer
Art - Kristen Ungar
Business - Richard Gajewski
English - Laura Rose Stoss
Health - Dominique Jordan
Home & Careers - Denise	Riggio
LOTE/Foreign Langauge -Natasha Zotta
Music - Maia Moore
Physical Education - Madison Snyder
Science - Alexis Martone
Social Studies - Matthew Reed
Technology - Leanne Lixfield


6th grade - Andrew Joseph Muolo
7th grade - Kaitlyn Emily Wiggins
8th grade - Keith E. Camilleri
9th grade - Christopher Perry
Art - Irina Nicoleta Calin
Business - Kelly Danielle Garry
English - Athena Aicher
Health - Samantha Monaco
Home & Careers - Molly Elizabeth Vallillo
LOTE/Foreign Language - Brendon H. Nolan
Math - Andrew Fischer
Music - Kimberly Keary
Physical Education - Megan Allen
Science - Kimberly Bruno
Social Studies - Lauren	Burda
Technology -George D. Barbieri, Jr.

South Ocean

6th grade -  Nicole Ruquet
7th grade - Brandon P. Alevas
8th grade - Samantha Warasila
9th grade - Frankie Padolecchia
Art - Christina	Margaret Keoppen
Business -Eugene S. Thalmann
English - Nicole Calado
Health - Olivia Weiderman
Home & Careers - Nicole LaMariana
LOTE/Foreign Language - Merve Demiroglu
Math - Stacy Salimando
Music - Catherine D'Arcangelis
Physical Education - Joshua Swan
Science - Paola Pilocane
Social Studies - Miguel A. Roman, Jr.
Technology - Alyssa Eilleen Claudio

High School

10th grade - Andrea Klerides
10th grade - Michael Mauro
10th grade - Yanet Segura-Taveras
11th grade - Julie-Anne Henken
11th grade - Michael G.	Larkin
11th grade - Denise Rasmussen
12th grade - Tiffany Bohonan
12th grade - Jennifer Curtin
12th grade - Heather D. Nathan
Art - Andrew J. Silver
Business - Cara M. Maurizio
English - Kari Andersen
Health - Rachel Beller
LOTE/Foreign Language - Wendy Chan
Math - Michael J. Harnden
Music -	Michael	Lichtenberger
Physical Education - Kristin Cioffi
ROTC - Alana V. Nickolson
Science - Amanda Lee
Social Studies - Adam Edward Lindsey
Technology - Matthew Ryan Pfister

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