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The Patchogue-Medford Congress of Teachers hosted its annual Student Citizen Awards Night on May 5, 2003. Elementary, middle school and high school students throughout the district received awards based on leadership, responsibility, scholarship, citizenship, and effort. The winners were chosen by their classroom teachers.

The student citizen awards night is a time to honor a select group of students who have, by their hard work, distinguished themselves among their peers. They shine because of their dedication to being the best that they can be.

As always, the ceremony attracted a great crowd. Students, parents, teachers, administrators and Board members where all in attendance.

The audience was wowed by foreign language teacher Maureen Kashkin and PMCT SINGS. This group of teachers and retired teachers of the Patchogue-Medford School district performs annually at this awards night.

The evening would not have been such a well run success without the help of many teacher volunteers from all the buildings. Of course the chairpeople for the event, Jolie Trueman, June Russo and Bridget Kinney must be congratulated for another perfectly run event.

PMCT once again congratulates all award winners and thanks all those who helped make the evening such a huge success.

PMCT Student Citizen Award Winners

Elementary School Winners:	
Pre K			
	Barton	Gabrielle Deposito-Hughes
	Barton	Marc Daniel Negrin
	Bay	Kristianna Pennisi
	Canaan	Alyssa Nicole Andino
	Eagle	Mason Broderick	Klein
	Medford	Sarah Ann Tully
	River	Gabrielle Castilletti
	Tremont	Kaitlyn M. Herrmann

First Grade:			
	Barton  Nicolette Gianikos
	Bay	Kelli Pearson
	Canaan	Allison	Saliba
	Eagle	Ethan Michael Smith
	Medford	Sarah Elizabeth	Pepenella
	River	Kelsey Corpac
	Tremont	David Thomas DiNapoli

Second Grade:			
	Barton	Samantha Donnelly
	Bay	Jon Tyler Rowland
	Canaan	Noah John Coffers
	Eagle	Nicole Ann Gallo
	Medford	Cesley Anthony
	River	Virginia Juarez
	Tremont	Brianna Taylor Bosse

Third Grade:			
	Barton	Kaitlyn	Wulff
	Bay	Emily Anne Olsen
	Canaan	Gina Miglionico
	Eagle	Courtney Elizabeth Unser
	Medford	Maegan Bourne
	River	Rachel Quatrale
	Tremont	Sarah Marie Beauplan
Fourth grade:			
	Barton	Donna Marie Liotine
	Bay	Keiry L. Fuentes
	Canaan	Stephanie Lissette Salinas
	Eagle	Nicole Amanda Nash
	Medford	Gianna Leigh Lanza
	River	Alyssa Marie Morales
	Tremont	Meghan Scout Pryce
Fifth grade:			
	Barton	Brittany G. DeMarco
	Bay	Jose Alexy Mendoza
	Canaan	Eddie Morrissey
	Eagle	Annie Mandart
	Medford	Melanie T. Devlopoulos
	River	Annie Mulvey
	Tremont	Kayla Rose Gogarty

Oregon Winners	

6th grade	Maria A. Mayrose
7th grade	Elizabeth Sawicki
8th grade	Charles	Essig
9th grade	Tommy Wong

Art 	                Jennifer Romano
Business	        Elena Greck
English 	        Kayse D.Sosa
Health	                James C. Ray
Home & Careers	        Nicole Renalds
LOTE/Foreign Langauge	Salvatore A. D'Amato
Math	                Alex Fazio
Music	                Jackie Lopinto
Physical Education	Kaitlin	Giannakos
Science	                Bryan P. Gallo
Social Studies  	Christina Donofrio
Technology	        Giovanni Martino

Saxton Winners

6th grade		Marcus E. Stroman
7th grade		Stephanie L. Morse
8th grade		Meghan A. Coleman
9th grade		Amanda Carey

Art 			Dana Carney
Business		Thomas Booth
English			Emily Vedric
Health			Nicholas T. Monaco
Home & Careers		Jennifer Nelson
LOTE/Foreign Langauge	Alan J.	Zollo
Math			Nikkisha Smith
Music			Alex Haller
Physical Education	Gina Setti
Science			Sandra Gattuso
Social Studies		Kristen Loria
Technology		Steven Roman

South Ocean Winners
6th grade		Margaret-Anne Logan
7th grade		Michael	Smith
8th grade		Meredith D'Alauro
9th grade		Barbara K. Beal

Art			Katelin	Retenski
Business		Philip B. Mirabelli
English			Zachary	Robinson
Health			Ana Castro
Home & Careers		Elizabeth Novotny
LOTE/Foreign Langauge	Stephanie F. Ahearn
Math			Keith Quatrale
Music			Kristen Felice
Physical Education	Danielle DiGioia
Science			Kimberly A. Page
Social Studies		Justin Lee
Technology		Nick Kalivas

High School Winners	

Art 			Georgette Maniatis
Business		Jameson L. Heal
English			Bridget	Chaplin
Health			Jennifer Malenovsky
LOTE/Foreign Langauge	Sean Sanchez-Lopez
Math			Cassandra M. Stuke
Music			Vanessa P. Graniello
Physical Education	Pamela Murnane
ROTC			Johana A. Lopez
Science			Stanley	Hanscom
Social Studies		Nicole Brooks Donolli
Technology		Alexander J. Reben

10th grade
	Jaclyn	Ambrosio	
        Irene Brenner
	Lauren A. Houdeck

11th grade
 	Michael A. Giusto
	Arthur J. Meyer
	Kathleen Signorelli

12th grade
	Brian Mitchell
	Domenico Ruggerio
	Steven Wrinkle