The Patchogue-Medford Congress of Teachers hosted its annual Student Citizen Awards Night on April 29, 2001. Elementary, middle school and high school students throughout the district received awards based on leadership, responsibility, scholarship, citizenship, and effort. The winners were chosen by their classroom teachers.

Once again the ceremony was sensational. It was a wonderful opportunity to honor a select group of students who have, by their hard work, distinguished themselves among their peers. They shine because of their dedication to being the best that they can be.

As always, the ceremony attracted a great crowd. Students, parents, teachers and administrators were proud to be a part of this important event. Also in attendance were Patchogue-Medford Board of Education members, Dr. Patrick A. Nett, Mr. Anthony Kaiser, Mr. Ronald Raby, Ms. Margaret Felouzis, Mr. Brian Brady and Mr. Joseph LoSchiavo. In addition, County Legislator Brian Foley was not only audience members, but also presented special certificates to award winners.

The audience was wowed by foreign language teacher Maureen Kashkin and PMCT SINGS. This group of teachers and retired teachers of the Patchogue-Medford School district performs annually at this awards night. This year Board Of Education Vice President, Anthony Kaiser, also performed with the group.

The evening would not have been such a well run success without the help of many teacher volunteers from all the buildings. Of course the chairpeople for the event, Jolie Trueman, June Russo and Bridget Kinney must be congratulated for another perfectly run event.

PMCT once again congratulates all award winners and thanks all those who helped make the evening such a huge success.

PMCT Student Citizen Award Winners

Elementary School Winners:

Name			School
Pre K

Barton              Peter Pasqualino


Barton              Ja’cori Lee Brown
Bay                 Kellie Pendergast
Canaan              Samantha Sheehan
Eagle               Amanda Nicole White
Medford             Sarah Ferry
River               Nicholas Pannizzo
Tremont             Venezia Jasmine Verdi

First Grade:

Barton              Brittani DiLeo
Bay                 Brigid Logan
Canaan              Taylor Marie Breiten
Eagle               Caitlin E. Zaugg
Medford             Jeffrey Faulkner
River               Daija Simpson
Tremont             Claire Lynn Urizzo

Second Grade:               

Barton              Renee Ann Negrin
Bay                 Biesly F. Turcio
Canaan              Bobby Cranor
Eagle               Peter Agnetti
Medford             Tommy Lombardo
River               Tom Ward	
Tremont             Megan Parry

Third Grade:

Barton              JulieAnn M. Soeder
Bay                 Nicholas Balsamo
Canaan              Holly A. Isenberg
Eagle               Kevin Estrada
Medford             Jessica A. Yanza
River               Brian Gordon
Tremont             Pamela Ghigliotti

Fourth Grade:

Barton              Patrick Vernoia
Bay                 Emily Sara Zurl
Canaan              Brendan Michael Wright
Eagle               Shannon Earl
Medford             Julian Guevara
River               Johanna Iovino
Tremont             Tami Lynn Koller

Fifth Grade:
Barton              Marcus E. Stroman
Bay                 Erin Conklin
Canaan              Jennifer Flanagan
Medford             Lauren K. Halverson	
River               Joseph Arjune Michael Wallace
Tremont             Anna M. Bonventre                     
Secondary School Winners:				


6th                 George Lewis
7th                 Cristen Munch
8th                 Megan Castagna
9th                 Matthew R. Herrick

Art                 Jessie Comba 	
Business            Jade Holdorf 	
English		    Tarran Hatton 	
Foreign Lang.	    Kerri Oettinger 	
Health              Michael S. Llewellyn 	
Home&Careers        Kaiesha Dudley 	
Math                Bianca Rae Vazquez 	
Music               Kaitlin M. Habich 	
Physical Ed.        Jessica Trujillo 	
Science             George Georghiou 	
Social Studies      Jessamyn Dib 	
Technology          Mario Martino 	


6th                 David Weber
7th                 Daniela Esposito
8th                 Ali M. Habib
9th                 Sara Randhare

Art                 Kathryn SanDomenico
Business            Kevin Mulligan
English             Wendy Chan
Foreign Lang.       Kaitlyn Nicole Cozier
Health              David S. Hawkins, Jr.
Home&Careers        Kimberly Keary
Math                David Atkinson
Music               Jenae Bonlarron
Physical Ed.        Kathryn E. Garby	
Science		    Kaitlin Fauci
Social Studies      Jennifer S. Lin
Technology          David A. Fishman

South Ocean:

6th                 Shawn Palmeri 
7th                 Kristin Rose Chalupa
8th                 Matthew J. Ketcham 
9th                 Lisa Marie Bordt

Art                 Julie-Anne Henken 	
Business            Kimberly Amber Cothias 	
English             Terry Logan 	
Foreign Lang.       Caylin Braun		
Health              Meredith D’Alauro 
Home&Careers        Charles Goodman
Math                Joshua Smith 	
Music               Stacey Smith 	
Physical Ed.        Dylan Smith 			
Science             Jack Murray 
Social Studies      Kristina Layman 
Technology          Anthony Darme	

High School:

10th                Jessica Ragazzi 
                    Mira Sengupta
                    Jason R. Pitts

11th                Renee Felice Smith		     
                    Krystle L. DiNicola	
                    Domenico Z. Ruggerio

12th                Avrum Musetti		     
                    Jonathan Keyes
                    Jason Wolf

Art                 Elizabeth Grutzner	
Business            Joshua M. Stalvey	
English             Amanda R. Beal	
Foreign Lang.       Aubria S. M. Ralph		
Health              Jacquelyn Henning
Math                Lauren Nicole Hemmerly	
Music               Christine Atkinson	
Physical Ed.        Jamie Kuebler		
ROTC                Jennifer Ann Neubert	
Science             Preyasi Kothari
Social Studies      Rachel A. Evans
Technology          Nicholas Lech