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One of our kindergarten winners
lines up before the ceremony.

Two of our kindergarten winners
looking so spiffy!!

Students line up after receiving their awards.

The ROTC Colorguard directed the pledge.

The Technology Award Winners.

Brigid Kinney with
PMCT President, Jane Conetta

June Russo with Beth Warnken

Dr. McDermott, Mr. Nett, Mr. Raby and
Superintendent Ray Fell enjoyed the night.

Many teachers helped chaperone.

The Teachers photographers for the night.

High School Winner
Brian Greenberg with his parents.

The Patchogue-Medford Congress of Teachers hosted its annual Student Citizen Awards Night on April 30, 2001. Elementary, middle school and high school students throughout the district received awards based on leadership, responsibility, scholarship, citizenship, and effort. The winners were chosen by their classroom teachers.

Once again the ceremony was sensational. It was a wonderful opportunity to honor a select group of students who have, by their hard work, distinguished themselves among their peers. They shine because of their dedication to being the best that they can be.

As always, the ceremony attracted a great crowd. Students, parents, teachers and administrators were proud to be a part of this important event. Also in attendance were Patchogue-Medford Board of Education members, Dr. Patrick A. Nett, Mr. Anthony Kaiser, Mr. Ronald Raby, Ms. Margaret Felouzis, Ms. Tina Marie Weeks and Mr. Joseph LoSchiavo. In addition, County Legislator Brian Foley and Assemblywoman Patricia Eddington were not only audience members, but also presented special certificates to award winners.

The audience was wowed by foreign language teacher Maureen Kashkin and PMCT SINGS. This group of teachers and retired teachers of the Patchogue-Medford School district performs annually at this awards night.

The evening would not have been such a well run success without the help of many teacher volunteers from all the buildings. Of course the co-chairpeople for the event, June Russo and Bridget Kinney must be congratulated for another perfectly run event.

PMCT once again congratulates all award winners and thanks all those who helped make the evening such a huge success.

PMCT Student Citizen Award Winners

Elementary School Winners:

Name			School
Pre K

Luis V. Loja		Barton

Adriana Barricelli	Barton
Emily C. Anderson	Bay
Amy Lynn Berdon 	Canaan
Taylor Lynn Roome	Eagle
Tyler Panetta		Medford
Frankie Palma		River
Alexandra Smaldone	Tremont

First Grade:

Melissa Avellino	 Barton
McKenna Rowland		 Bay
Mable Chu	 	 Canaan
Shannon Setayesh	 Eagle	
Mary-Katherine Michels	 Medford
Sera Celik		 River
Christopher R. Bloom	 Tremont

Second Grade:               

Kelli Ann McKenna	Barton
Stephanie Lissette Salinas Bay
Jaime Cranor		Canaan
Samantha Kiely		Eagle
Kimberlyann Sweeney	Medford
Giavonna Lynda Rippolone River	
ToniAnne Scanapico	Tremont

Third Grade:

Alexis Baggs		Barton	
Alex Hirschmann		Bay
Jessica Repetti 	Canaan
Settimo Prestano	Eagle
Julia Lynn Catalano	Medford
Mayra Cristela Hernandez River
Carolyn Rose Cotty	Tremont

Name			School

Fourth Grade:

Rebecca Dillon		Barton
T.  Zachary Biedermann	Bay
Tyler James McGraw 	Canaan
Jordan Dennis Hemmerly	Eagle
Elizabeth Novotny	Medford
Alyssa Eilleen Claudio	River
Frank Grillo		Tremont

Fifth Grade:

Kimberly Keary 		 Barton
Laura Beth Schwarz	 Bay
Kristen Helbock		 Canaan
Jaclyn Elizabeth Mandart Eagle
Angela Abdel-Motelb	 Medford	
Patrick R. Scribner	 River
Sali Baki		 Tremont
Secondary Grade Level Awards


6th 	Joseph D'Urso	     
7th	Samantha Renalds	     
8th 	Lauren A. Houdek	     
9th	Toska Py	

6th	Katherine Gallagher
7th 	Isabel Rojas
8th	John A.  Masem
9th 	Casey Lynn Minardi

	South Ocean

6th	Kristin Rose Chalupa
7th	Kristen M. Felice
8th	Kristina Layman
9th	Kyle Reiss

	High School
10th	Kristi-lyn Utter
	Kimberly Teresa Gordon	
	Bryan Greenberg		

11th 	Eric J. Notkin
	Teri Yioras
	Jennifer R. Brown

12th	Katherine Zimoulis
	Heidi Nathan
	Joshua Slaughter

Departmental Awards


Art		Karen M. Alberding	
Business 	Kristina Oliveira 	
English		Heather Nathan
Foreign Lang.	Alexander Ocasio
Health		Matthew DeMarco
Home&Careers	Richard Gajewski	
Math		Nicole Zalak	
Music 		Michael Lichtenberger
Physical Ed.	Kristin Cioffi
Science		Morgan Brunbauer	
Social Studies	Eric Houdek	
Technology	David Fowler	 	


Art		Peter Bianco
Business 	Lisa M. Young
English		Mira M. Sengupta
Foreign Lang.	Sandra Festa
Health		Kristine M. Rausch
Home&Careers	Megan Radigan
Math		Christine Poynter
Music 		Karen Pickford
Physical Ed.	Dan Minkin
Science		Michelle L. Morse
Social Studies	Jaime Lonette Perrone
Technology	Andrew Philip Stolworthy

		South Ocean	

Art		Stephen M. Cerruto
Business 	Jessica Marie Rolf
English		William Court
Foreign Lang.	Kari Andersen		
Health		Allen L. Davidson	
Home&Careers 	Nick Kalivas
Math		Daryl Gleiche
Music 		Ryan T. Smith
Physical Ed.	Jessica Ragazzi	
Science		Rachel Erin Beller
Social Studies 	Conor J. Nugent
Technology	Sarah Wolenberg	

		High School

Art		Graceann Barrett
Business 	Delmis M. Guevara
English		Kristin D. Masotto
Foreign Lang.	Lauren Salvatore
Health		Jenny Lam
Math		Tomasz Malisiewicz
Music 		Dominique A. Finocchio
Physical Ed.	Lauren Proniewych
ROTC		Zayda I. Feliciano
Science		Eric Keith Koleda
Social Studies 	Linda Colleen Lubranski
Technology	Richard Von Rauchhaupt

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