Elaine Biller - PMHS Teacher
Honored by the American Red Cross

Elaine on the Red Cross Flicker Site

Link To Fios Broadcast Honoring Elaine Biller

The month of March has been designated as American Red Cross Month and Fios1News-Long Island has honored several Red Cross volunteers on Long Island during that time. PMHS Special Ed/Science teacher Elaine Biller received that honor due to her many volunteer hours and hard work helping Long Islanders after natural disasters.

Elaine began volunteering with the American Red Cross in 2011 before Hurricane Irene struck L.I. However, she says that the Red Cross was a part of her life since childhood as she first learned to swim through the Red Cross eventually becoming a Water Safety Instructor and lifeguard. It was the destruction and devastation suffered on L.I. by Hurricane Sandy that brought Elaine’s dedication to the attention of Fios News. In the aftermath of Super storm Sandy, Elaine was in charge of the deployment of volunteers in the Mastic Beach area to check homes that were condemned due to the damage but may still have had residents occupying them. It was necessary to find these people, check on their living conditions and bring them food, water and medical supplies. She tells the story of a family that was trapped in their storm ravaged home with a child undergoing cancer treatments, not able to afford a hotel and unwilling to go to a shelter as the child was immuno-suppressed. She and her team of volunteers helped them find suitable housing and brought them necessary supplies.

She was also sent out on an Emergency Response Vehicle to the Lindenhurst area where storm ravaged citizens began to emerge from their homes when they saw the Red Cross truck. She describes it as surreal as these residents all seemed shocked and in a daze from the destruction of their neighborhood by Hurricane Sandy.

Elaine says that giving compassion and comfort along with the best that she has to offer, taking the best of who we are and doing the best under the worst circumstances, is why she volunteers her time for the residents of Long Island.

The entire membership of PMCT congratulates Elaine on her recognition by the American Red Cross and thanks her for her dedication to the people of Long Island.

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