Ohio Election Results Uphold Workers Rights

Election night in Ohio showed the nation that workers would not sit idly by while politicians scapegoat hard-working public employees for an economic crisis they did not create. Ohio citizens overwhelmingly voted to repeal Senate Bill 5, which marks the first time that the collective bargaining rights of public employees have been upheld on a statewide ballot.

The repeal of Senate Bill 5 was a victory for every teacher who helps a struggling child, every firefighter who races into a burning building, every snowplow operator who ensures safe travel for others, and every community that relies on these vital public services. Ohio voters said loud and clear that they would not turn their backs on the people who watch theirs. The historic citizens' veto was a victory for all citizens of Ohio, and for all Americans who care about democracy and fair play.

This election victory is the result of a grass-roots campaign that engaged citizens from all corners of the state. More than 10,000 volunteers collected 1.3 million signatures to place the referendum repealing Senate Bill 5 on the ballot, and then worked tirelessly to make sure their families, friends and neighbors understood what was at stake. This defeat at the polls sends a huge message to legislators everywhere about a workers right to collective bargaining, decent wages and decent working conditions as well as benefits.

We must all continue to monitor legislative actions across the nation that affect workers rights and remain politically active so all of our hard fought victories remain for all workers in the years ahead.


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