A rally that was organized by NYSUT in conjunction with coalition partners the Alliance for Quality Education and the Long Island Progressive Coalition had a massive turn-out. The roads leading to Sachem East High School were backed up for miles and even the Long Island Expressway at Exit 63 had to be monitored by the police when hundreds of people attending the rally tried exiting during the 6pm rush hour. People walked over a mile to get from parking lots in neighboring schools and the Allstate and Brookhaven office parking lots. The crowd overflowed the auditorium into the lobby and then outside onto the stairs and hill that lead to the main entrance of Sachem East. People put so much effort in to attend this event because they are concerned for the future of education on Long Island. The Governor's proposed cuts will be a doomsday situation all school districts on Long Island.

Budget Highlights: The Governor's budget cuts back projected spending on education and health care, and cut the budget for state agencies by more than half a billion dollars in the next fiscal year. Mr. Cuomo will also seek to delay large increases in school spending that were mandated by a 2006 court ruling and intended to help poorer school districts. Mr. Cuomo does not propose extending a temporary state income tax increase on wealthy New Yorkers.

Most categories including higher ed. are cut 10% statewide. Schools cut by $1.5 Billion 2.9% decrease from last year.

With Cuts, Cuomo Offers Shrunken Budget - New York Times - February 1, 2011

NYSUT Press Release and Initial Analysis - February 1, 2011

Full text of budget including Governor's message

In Solidarity,
Paul Pecorale
PMCT President

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