A rally is being organized by NYSUT in conjunction with coalition partners the Alliance for Quality Education and the Long Island Progressive Coalition. They have been working together to help in our campaigns on stopping a tax cap and cuts to education.

The Suffolk Rally to

“Save Public Education”
is set for Thursday Feb. 17, 2011
6 PM - 7:30 PM
at Sachem East High School.

This rally is mostly Suffolk based, but there are tentative plans to try and put together a similar event based in Nassau County later in the campaign. They are specifically targeting Suffolk locals for support for this rally, but there are many NYSUT members who work in Nassau county, live in Suffolk and might be encouraged to attend the February 17th rally. Along with others planned throughout the state, this rally is just one part of the effort to try and stave off disastrous cuts and legislation harmful to public education. Locally, meetings have been set up with state legislators later this week to discuss this situation. A special committee of 100 has been scheduled for February 15th. A “post card from every member” campaign is being put together for later this month and an unprecedented media campaign statewide will be taking place as well. Please take the time to educate yourself as to the seriousness of the situation. Please understand it can't be business as usual.

We would appreciate as much involvement as possible, so if you plan on attending this event, please contact the Union Office via email or at #475-8515 ASAP. Like other critical rallies that have taken place in the past, we are counting on our local to have a very strong contingency. Stay informed and remember your involvement concerning these critical issues is imperative for success.

**Please check out the following important information/articles regarding the Governor’s budget.

Budget Highlights: The Governor's budget cuts back projected spending on education and health care, and cut the budget for state agencies by more than half a billion dollars in the next fiscal year. Mr. Cuomo will also seek to delay large increases in school spending that were mandated by a 2006 court ruling and intended to help poorer school districts. Mr. Cuomo does not propose extending a temporary state income tax increase on wealthy New Yorkers.

Most categories including higher ed. are cut 10% statewide. Schools cut by $1.5 Billion 2.9% decrease from last year.

With Cuts, Cuomo Offers Shrunken Budget - New York Times - February 1, 2011

NYSUT Press Release and Initial Analysis - February 1, 2011

Full text of budget including Governor's message

In Solidarity,
Paul Pecorale
PMCT President

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