NYS Senator John Flanagan, representing the 2nd NYS Senatorial District, has introduced legislation that will seriously harm education on Long Island and throughout NY State. He has also taken direct aim at teachers in NY City as well as all members of the NYS United Teachers organization.

State Senator John Flanagan, a Republican, has introduced a bill that completely rules out seniority as the sole factor in determining who gets laid off. Instead, the bill offers eight pages of an extraordinarily complicated, prioritized list of which teachers and school supervisors would be first in line to be laid off.

Another legislative measure introduced by Sen. Flanagan that would seriously hurt education in NYS is putting a tax cap on property tax thus limiting the funds received by school districts. To quote Sen. Flanagan "My number one priority right now is to strengthen the economy by providing substantial property tax relief and the tax cap proposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo and approved by the New York State Senate Jan. 31 is an essential component to that effort. Residents and businesses are leaving the state in droves because they cannot continue to pay skyrocketing property and job-killing business taxes. The tax cap is a reasonable and needed step to help keep people in their homes and small businesses operating, while also maintaining essential quality services at the local level. And it is time that the assembly majority joined the senate and the governor in making it a reality this year."

A property tax cap would be devastating to our public schools. The tax payers should have the right to decide what they are willing to pay for the outstanding education children receive in New York State.

Senator Flanagan's office was the site of educational picketing on May 6th at His office address is 260 Middle Country Road Suite 102 Smithtown, NY 11787.

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