The death of Marcello Lucero in October has mobilized the students of Patchogue - Medford High School in numerous ways. There are many new and ongoing activities for students to participate in and to aid in the healing process in the school and the community. One ambitious project was created by Art Teacher Ms. Shannon Lustig and her students. Their remarkable project will culminate in the creation of a memorial mural which will be sent to Mr. Lucero’s mother for display in his home town in Equador. The students are creating an 8 x 10 foot mural in the mosaic style. Each section is being created piece by piece and the resulting image will include a portrait of Mr. Lucero and messages of peace done in Spanish. The mural, which is in the beginning stages of development, will be completed in April. Ms. Lustig is working with UPS, DHL and Federal Express to secure shipping. Home Depot has donated a variety of supplies and Wood Technogoly Teacher, Mr. Skip Rasso is creating the frames for each section of the work. The students along with their art teacher have devoted countless hours working on the mural and feel especially honored to participate in this moving endeavor.
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