On Friday, April 11, 2008, State Senator Caesar Trunzo recognized three teachers from the Pat-Med District for their outstanding service to students within Sen. Trunzo’s senatorial district. High School English teacher Catherine Pentola, Medford Elementary teacher Joan D'Urso and Bay Elementary teacher Stephanie Albano were selected as honorees from Pat-Med.

At the awards ceremony, Sen. Trunzo spoke about the talented and hardworking teachers in his senatorial district saying that their dedication and concern for their students is the reason Long Island students receive such high quality education. After Sen. Trunzo awarded certificates to these fine teachers, photos were taken of each recipient with the Senator as well as group photos of all the honorees from Pat-Med. Several administrators and members of the school board were also present to support these three fine teachers. PMCT congratulates Catherine, Joan and Stephanie on receiving this award and is proud to include them as colleagues.

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