The ESL teachers at River hosted a special parent workshop on November 29th for all the families of English Language Learners in the River program. Mrs. Anne Logan and Ms. Josephine Castano organized workshops with various themes for the parents, while the children participated in fun activities. The Patchogue-Medford Library was also present to highlight all their resources available for bilinqual parents in our community. At the conclusion of the workshops, both parents and students enjoyed refreshments together, along with many teachers from River that were lending a hand during the evening. More than forty parents attended this informative program.

Many thanks go to all who participated, especially Mrs. Popal, Mrs. Buckshaw, Mrs. Torres and Dr. Worthingson, who held workshops in Spanish for the parents, as well as Mr. Crabtree, Mrs. Deland, Mrs. Rees and Mrs. Burton, who facilitated the student activities in the gym.

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