As members of PMCT, we mourn the loss of Sandra Feldman, former president of the UFT (NYC) and former president of the AFT. Sandra was an advocate for all as she worked tirelessly for both teachers and students throughout her career. She was president of the UFT for 10 years and worked with 6 different school chancellors before becoming president of the AFT where she worked on a national level. Sandra had keen vision as she knew that not only were teacher rights and benefits important, but also the city or school system was just as important. She felt that if both sides were working harmoniously, it would benefit the teachers and students.

Sandra passed away on Sept. 18, 2005 after a long battle with breast cancer. Although fighting the disease, she remained president of the AFT until 2004 when her illness forced her to retire. Sandra traveled to foreign countries to help form teachers unions and was also a freedom rider during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's.

We at PMCT send our deepest condolences to her family, but also to all teachers throughout the nation who will feel the loss of such a dynamic teacher advocate.

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