High school Math teacher and US Army Major Jim Beagen has returned safely from Tikrit, Iraq and will resume his teaching career at PMHS on Jan 17, 2006. Jim was activated as a reservist in May of 2004 and was a member of the 42nd Infantry Division of the US Army. While in Iraq, Jim was the Chief of Operations and ran the Command Center for his Division Commander.

On Jan. 13th, the high school Math department honored Jim and his service to our country with a "Welcome Back" breakfast. Pictured below are several photos taken that day with Jim, Math Director Bethanie Rizzo and Jim's older brother, Math teacher Bill Beagen as well as other high school Math teachers. Jim is also pictured in his classroom with his sub, Melissa Schwimmer, and his students. All members of PMCT are happy that Jim has returned safely from Iraq and welcome him back to work to teaching. PMCT also sends a big "thank you" to Melissa Schwimmer for the fine job she did in working with Jim's classes while he was on duty.

Jim and Melissa Schwimmer. Melissa covered his classes for the first semester.

Bill Beagen (Jim's brother), Bethanie Rizzo (Math Director PM Schools) and Jim.

The High School Math Teachers at Jim's welcome back breakfast.

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