Long Island Region Special Olympics
Early Intervention Skills Tournament
Saxton Middle School - November 16, 2003

Students, teachers, and administrators arrived at Saxton Middle School early on Sunday, November 16, 2003 to prepare for the arrival of nearly one hundred special Olympics participants from the ages of 3-7. Each participant was greeted by their own special group of 2-3 High School Students who would be their escorts for the day.

Each Olympian and their escorts then followed a fun-filled schedule starting with a visit to over 30 booths set up by local Girl Scout troops, PM - Peer Leadership Groups and other service organizations in the Patchogue-Medford Schools. At the Olympic village the kids were able to make balloon hats, string macaroni necklaces, have their faces painted and try their luck at some fun skill games.

The Opening Ceremonies of the Games began with a parade of the athletes, torch bearers and an official start of the games by Patchogue-Medford Superintendent, Dr. Veronica McDermott. All the athletes and their student escorts were cheered by parents and high-fived by teachers as they walked into the Saxton gymnasium. It was a very special moment for all involved.

The athletes then participated in the official skills tournament that had been set up around the gym. They played hockey, golf, basketball and Frisbee. The highlight for all the athletes was the obstacle course with lots of climbing, jumping, crawling and running.

After all the fun in the gym all the athletes had lunch with their escorts. The day ended with an awards ceremony where every athlete received a beautiful Olympic medal.

The event coordinators were River, Physical Education Teacher, Luise Read and Oregon, History Teacher, Rita-Marie Murphy. They need to be congratulated for making this event an extraordinary success and memorable experience for all involved.