PMCT Salutes Its Own

For the past eighteen years, Bob Borowski has been a familiar presence to the students, faculty and staff at Patchogue-Medford. Bob teaches A.P. Physics and College Earth Science and is an advisor to the Venture Crew, which was formerly an Explorer Post. There is, however, much more to be said about BobÖ

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In 1987, Bob introduced Venture Crew. Sixteen students began this experience in explorential education, learning from experience. The program is based upon outdoor confidence/ leadership building activities. Venture Crew now has 122 members and continues to grow. On a larger scale, Bob is Venturing Chairperson for the Suffolk County Boy Scouts of America and has just organized a Coed Venture Extravaganza at Baiting Hollow for 125 youth from 11 crews in Nassau and Suffolk.

Bob holds the rank of Captain in the Navy Reserves, of which he has been an active member since 1985. From 1979 to 1985, He was on Active Navy Duty. As a Navy officer, Bob traveled to Poland and spent the 95-96 year in Poland on active duty, helping that country to become a member of NATO. While there, Bob worked for the Ministry of Defense. In 2001, Bob traveled to Antarctica for 23 days to help improve relations with the Chilean Navy.

Bobís travel has not been limited to Navy service. From 1989 to 1990, He was a Fulbright Exchange Teacher in Poland. Additionally, he has traveled to the Czech Republic, gone sailing in the Bahamas, rafting in Costa Rica, skating in Austria, and skiing in Switzerland.

While Bob places a high value of learning through experience, he also embraces scholarship. He is working on his PhD at Columbia University; His area of study is International and Comparative Education, with a special focus on Eastern European History. While Bob teaches Science, he is also certified to teach Social Studies.

PMCT recognizes Bob Borowski as an outstanding educator and as an exemplary role model.