State Aid Cuts Would Raise Local Taxes

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According to NYSUT leaders school property taxes across the state will increase by an average of 15% if the executive budget proposal is enacted.

"The governor said his executive budget was crafted to avoid 'job killing taxes,' " said NYSUT President Tom Hobart. "But this budget would result in 'community killing' property tax increases."

In New York State we are demanding higher standards from our school children. We want them to reach higher, learn more and achieve more. The executive budget proposal would cut education funding by more than $1.2 billion dollars - a cut of 8.5%. New York's future is in its classrooms, but that future would be jeopardized by these tremendous cuts.

Communities that cannot afford such steep tax increases will be forced to make deep cuts in educational programs that are helping students meet the new standards. If they do not do this they will seek to raise property taxes even more to provide students with the programs they need, and to meet the federal testing and accountability mandate under the federal :No Child Left Behind " Act.

Tragically, children needing the most help to meet the higher standards will probably suffer the most from these cuts in state aid. School districts with vey diverse student populations, such as Patchogue-Medford, will also be hit hard by the NCLB mandates.

NYSUT leaders are calling for the state to look with a fresh eye at new revenue sources, including temporarily raising income taxes on the very wealthy and closing corporate loop holes that allow major corporations to avoid paying their fair share of New York taxes. They have stressed that this budget should not be put together without an honest assessment of the overall tax rates in New York State. It is not equitable that the average NYSUT member has the same state income tax rate as does Donald Trump or Michael Bloomberg.

NYSUT Executive Vice President, Alan B. Lubin state, "These are unprecedented fiscal times, and tough fiscal time create tough choices. These are the wrong choices. These cuts are unacceptable."


NYSUT, the Educational Conference Board, the Higher Education Conference Board , the New York State PTA, state associations for school boards, administrators and more are all going to MARCH IN SUPPORT OF PUBLIC EDUCATION.