PMCT President Jane Conetta was elected in the Spring of 2002 to the NYSUT Board of Directors. She is the representative for Election District 22 which covers from Patchogue-Medford East, including both the North and South fork. This board is the policy maker for NYSUT. They decide who is endorsed in elections, how to proceed on key issues to effect policy, who is hired and fired from the NYSUT personnel, how funds are deployed and oversee educational research and development for the area.

Jane has been the PMCT president for seven years and a member of the executive board for 30 years. In addition to all her union duties she teachers three sections a day of 6th grade science.

Nine years ago when the local school board decided to flout state law and automatically deny tenure, for ideological reasons, to new teachers in the district Jane was vice president of PMCT. Jane along with the entire executive board successfully defended the state law that provides due process rights and academic freedom to educators.

Jane Conetta is continually fighting for the resources students need to meet the New York State Standards. PMCT works together with the district to formulate professional development opportunites for the teachers that will help them to help the students achieve those standards. As a NYSUT Board Member she will fight for the resources for her entire election district.